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Pros and Cons of IPhone X

The iPhone x is Apples most exiting flagship ever with a futuristic design. It’s a new way to unlock your phone and an edge-to-edge OLED screen that is truly drool-worthy but at a price of $999. This is far from an impulse buy and it is more costly than iPhone 8 or even other Android phones around the market today.

It has been loaded with some exceptional features and also mostly referred to as the future smartphone.



1. It as a face Id; This is the first time Apple is adding a face id to its security features. The device uses true depth camera to detect your face and unlock your phone. You only need to hold your phone up to your face and swipe up the screen so as to unlock.

2. Dual camera; Presence of a dual camera on the iPhone x is a wonderful addition to this flagship. The sensors are fast and offer true to life colors. The texture is excellent and shadows are more detailed. You also get optical image stabilization with the telephoto lens featured so as to get excellent quality pictures and videos even in low lit surroundings.

3. OLED display; the colors of the 58-inch super retina display are quite realistic. The OLED panel of the iPhone X not only offers wider viewing angles but also offer a bright panel. The iPhone X OLED display also supports HDR content.

4. Animoji.; the Aminoji features uses true dept Camera and also lets you change your face to different characters like alien Monday, panda, unicorn, and more. An Aminoji mimics all your expressions and you can also record them using your voice and sent them through messages.

5. Augmented reality; the technology of AR is somewhat like VR where people use headsets to experience a new digital world. iPhone X supports AR and has been calibrated for AR this is also helpful in overlying digital graphics in the actual world.

6. Portrait mode; the true depth Camera of iPhone X lets you capture the same beautiful boke effect on backgrounds while you take a portrait-like when you get it with dual rear cameras.

7. Clear photos; the iPhone X has the best clear photos due to its best dual both front and back cameras.

8. Has perfect privacy; Due to having a face id security feature, iPhone X has the best privacy that a person may need to keep.

9. Has the best screen and a screen guide. the phone has the best screen and a screen guide and as a result, you’re assured of the phone safety.

10. Long-lasting with charge; the battery is smart that is to say that it can sustain a charge for a long period of time.



1. Price; one of the biggest cons of iPhone X is that it is very expensive. It is one of the most expensive smartphones of this year. It has unreasonable prices when the rate is broken down as per the carrier.

2. No home button; If you’re used to the home button, iPhone X will be a bit challenging. You need to swipe down if you need to view the control center.

3. Fast charging hasn’t come for free; Although Apple added a fast charging feature, you are required to pay extra so that you can use this feature.

4. It is charging some of its features. You have to pay for some features like fast charging in order to use them.

5. Not for the illiterate. Illiterate people cannot use it since the way the iPhone is built its for the literate people.

6. It is not phone friendly. The iPhone X phone is so independent in that it does not share with other phones example like sharing of apps and other features.

7. Requires high rate of maintenance; it requires to be maintained and kept safe always to avoid breakages and due to that it is very expensive.

8. Can lead to high loss; If iPhone X is lost, you incur high loss since the cost of the phone is a huge investment.

9. Not readily available; it is a high-class phone and as a result, it cannot be traced that easily because not all buyers that afford to sell it.

10. It is not waterproof; this feature is very important to the users who would prefer a waterproof phone this is in case it drowns in the water it cannot damage hence it could be more valuable.

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