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Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog

Dogs are the best friend and companion every human being can have. Older people need dogs to help them live long and have a healthy life. Owning a dog can have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of them here;



1. Great company: Dogs are a great company especially if you live alone. You can talk to them even though they may not respond to you. Dogs can understand you better than you think.

2. Great for cuddling: Dogs like to interact with the owners and you can easily cuddle, but you have to train them from when they’re small.

3. Feel safe: Having a dog makes you feel safe. Big dogs can easily alert you in case someone breaks into your compound. Australian shepherds are well-known as the best guard dogs and very protective of the owners.

4. Cute: If you love animal pets, you will find it easy to compliment the dogs. If you have a smaller dog, you can buy pretty adorable clothes for them.

5. Less stress: Playing and watching your dog daily will help you reduce stress. A research shows caring for a dog reduces stress hormones making you stress-free.

6. Improve social life: When you go for walks with your dog or go to the dog park, people are more likely to stop and talk to you.

7. Fewer allergies for the kids: Kids raised around a dog have increased immunity to pet allergies thus resulting in fewer allergies in the future.

8. Great alternative to the family: When you don’t have kids, you can have dogs to take care of. If you have one kid, getting a dog will give him/her the companion s\he needs.

9. Fun: Watching your young puppy play is fun. Watching them roll or tumble with the toy you bought them can make you laugh.

10. Exercise more: You can do a lot of exercises running around with your dog or go for a walk with your dog. Enjoying daily exercise with your dog can reduce the chances of heart attacks.



1. Grooming costs: Your dog needs cleaning, trimming or clipping and you have to do it yourself or pay a professional to help you with the task.

2. Dogs require companion throughout the day: Dogs need ongoing care and companionship and if you work all day long, it’s not recommended to have one.

3. Training: For your dog to be in the best behavior ever, you have to train them. You need a lot of potty training and obedience training like “sit”, “run”, and “stay” commands.

4. Expensive: You have to pay the vet bills. Your dog needs yearly boost shots and if it gets sick, you have to pay for its medication, and other expenses like food, crate and dogs bed.

5. Special arrangement: When traveling, you have to make a special arrangement for your dog. You will have to get a dog sitter or board your dog. The boarding fee is higher based on the place you want your dog to stay.

6Healthcare: Although the vet can give you instructions, most of the time you have to do all the health care and schedule the dog’s medication from your busy schedule.

7Chewing: Small puppies like chewing a lot. They can chew almost everything they come across like your shoes, electrical cords, and can even chew you.

8. Relieve themselves more often: Young dogs need to relieve themselves like after every two hours therefore, you need a professional walker to help you when you’re a bit busy.

9. Scare you: your dog can start barking for no reason or at random noises scaring you especially while alone at home.

10. Time commitment: Dogs need to run around, enjoy their freedom and exercise daily and this may be hard if you’re living in the city.

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