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Pros and cons of Airbnb

Airbnb has become a common method for travelers. The word Airbnb stands for “air bed and breakfast” the air is not related to flying. Moreover, it is a residential property for hosting travelers who are traveling for a short term. Airbnb can be a room, house, castle, apartments, yachts, or boat. Here are the pros and cons.



1. Wide options. Airbnb has different types of properties to choose such as apartments, houses, castle, houseboats, single rooms, and yachts. This allows you to select the one that meets your budget since the price is not the same. Check the Airbnb website and compare the prices.

2. Personalized search. A customized search is a web search that includes information beyond the specific questions. Search results are modified and re-ranked. You can not only search for the date and location but also the price, amenities, property, and language of the host. Also, you can include keywords to expand the location.

3. Free advertisement. Hosts are not charged money to list out their properties. Henceforth, they can include captions, photos, written descriptions, and profiles. You can give information about yourself on your profile for the guests to see and know you better.

4. Safe. Protection for guests is important to get more clients. Airbnb holds money for 24 hours before releasing it to the host. This is safe for guests who want for cancelation. You have 24 hours to make a final decision before the money is given out.

5. Extra services. Airbnb has expanded since it was first introduced. It includes experiences in hotels and restaurants. Additionally, you will see a list of things on their website such as kayaking, sightseeing, and hiking. These activities are offered by the hosts. Moreover, when you include outdoor activities on your profile, it will attract a lot of guests. It also shows how you are an outgoing host and you are ready to make guests feel at home.

6. Wide range of prices. Hosts are allowed to set their property prices. You can set per night, week, or monthly, the choice is yours. You should not that the average price will attract most customers.



1. Inaccurate. Tells Airbnb is not like the rate of hotels. Most hotels offer accurate information according to advertisements. For this reason, you will be sure of the room you are booking. Hosts create their description and some cannot be true. Nonetheless, previous visitors give reviews of their experiences. Read the comments and ensure the information is accurate.

2. Taxes. Visitors and hosts from Norway, Switzerland as well as European Union are subjected to value-added tax. In addition to that, hosts pay rental income taxes according to the location. Airbnb takes tax information provided by hosts and give earnings annually through form 1099 and 1042. Taxes are used to help with the U.S tax.

3. Damages. Hosts are afraid that their properties can be destroyed by visitors. For example, you can host guests who love parties yet the environment is quiet. Parties are a common cause of house damages. Hosts will have inconveniences and some properties like cash, jewelry, pets, and artwork cannot be covered.

4. Extra fees. Airbnb has several extra fees. Visitors pay a 20% fee for services and support. Also, fees may add if you gave credit card and bank issues.

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