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Pros and cons of amazon credit card

Amazon gives credit cards such as those made for small businesses and others that maximize rewards. E-commerce also gives store cards to be used on amazon purchases. It allows holders to pay large purchases for a long time without interest. Many credit cards leave many shoppers wondering which is best to choose. Amazon’s credit card is one of the best to consider. However, it comes with advantages and limitations. Here are the pros and cons of an amazon credit card.



1. No international charges: Amazon credit card allows users to use the card even when traveling for holiday and business. Henceforth, you will not have extra fees that appear on the bill. Moreover, such an advantage is helpful for amazon sellers who get products from suppliers across the world.

2. No fee: Credit card fees are automatic charges to your account that is credit card provider charges. It allows your account to stay open. Most credit cards charge fees per year due to having the card. The fee ranges from $95 to $500. Most of them charge the same fee throughout the years, while others waive it in the first year. Amazon’s credit card has no annual fee.

3. Earn cashback: It is great to get a little money back from the spending on the credit card. Most clients deduct cashback and redeem gift cards or statement balances. Amazon credit card users choose to get points in statement cards or deposited into bank accounts at a 1% rate.

4. No expiration: Points offered on Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Card do not have an expiration date. Therefore, you will not worry about running out of time before using them.

5. Instant Redemption: You can redeem reward points instantly through a credit on the card’s account or This is ideal for any inconvenience because you will not wait for the points.

6. Various reward options: Amazon credit card has a large number of rewards, including luxury hotels, roadside assistance, purchase protection, visa signature, car hire, and money of insurance.

7. Gift card: Amazon credit card users get a $70 gift card. This is given when you sign up and accept the credit card.



1. Eligible membership: This is a major disadvantage in the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature card. Users are supposed to be part of Amazon Prime membership to become eligible. It is only an advantage to those who have subscribed to prime. On the other hand, customers who do not are subjected to a joining fee of $119 to apply for the card.

2. No return protection: Amazon credit card does not have price protection and returns protection. For this reason, customers cannot check the price of their Amazon purchase.

3. No gift card for other users: Credit card users who have Amazon Visa Signature Card are not eligible to get Amazon gift cards for $70 when transferring to Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Card.

4. No sharing: The credit card is only connected to a single Amazon Prime Account. Thus, it cannot be shared with two accounts of the same user.

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