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Pros and Cons of Animal Clothing

Animal fur, wool, and leather products provide material for making clothing. Since the 1980s there has been mass production of animal fashion clothes. This led to various advantages of using animal clothing although animal rights activists are against this. This article highlights the pros and cons of using animal clothing.



1. Warm: Wearing clothing made of animal products keeps you warm especially fur and leather which keeps you warm during cold weather.

2. Environmentally friendly: Animal skin production process is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. You don’t have to worry about the environmental impact if you compare how long leather coats can be used.

3. Sustainable: Compared to synthetic material, animals provide a renewable and sustainable source of materials used to make clothing.

4. Long-lasting: Leather clothing made of animal skin is long-lasting compared to other synthetic fabrics used for making fake leather. Fake material can’t maintain warmth and is waterproof for a long time.

5. Safe: Clothes made of animal fur and leather are natural and safe for human wear. There is no bodily harm that results from using them as compared to when using synthetic material. Some research indicates that synthetic materials can contribute to health issues.

6. Biodegradable: Animal material biodegrades much faster than synthetic fabrics which can take 50 years to biodegrade.

7. Looks fabulous: Clothes made from animal products like fur look good on people. It also makes them feel good about themselves thus animal biological material does not go to waste once the animal dies.

8. To enhance popularity: Animal fur is being used in the fashion industry to boost the self-image of celebrity icons or the over-privileged class of society.

9. Wealthy wear: Wearing fur made of animal material is recognized as something rich and wealthy people wear. It indicates one’s class in society.

10. Natural resource for materials: Fur from animals is considered to be a natural and renewable source since the animals can be bred naturally.



1. Expensive: Clothes made of leather and fur are very expensive. The process of extraction and processing requires modern technology which is very expensive adding to the cost of the final product.

2. Rear to acquire fur: It is difficult to acquire fur from the animal thus making fur materials very expensive. The garment only attracts the attention of certain people.

3. Animal death: Animals are raised for a short period before their killed every day to extract the skin and fur necessary for making clothes and shoes.

4. Unethical: Killing animals just to show your fashion and popularity or wealth it’s against morals. People want to wear fashionable clothes without caring where the fabric comes from.

5. Toxic chemicals: Fur manufacturing industries use a lot of preservatives made of chemical components and they can be harmful to the environment although the damage is minimal.

6Wears with time: Fur and leather fabrics need to be stored in a wardrobe with specific temperature and light to avoid drying out or cracking.

7Limited patterns: The natural material can be dyed or undyed but due to its natural characters, the patterns used are restricted.

8. Sensitive to weather: Leather clothes are sensitive to temperature changes and they can feel warmer in summer and chilly during the winter season.

9. Pollution: Fur, wool, and leather production and processing tasks lead to air pollution.

10. Wool production cause soil erosion: Breeding sheep for wool production leads to the cutting down of trees to increase the grazing ground. This causes soil erosion and reduces biodiversity.

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  1. Kayle

    This is a terrible article. First of all your points contradict each other. How can producing fur be environmentally friendly when you clearly state a con that it produces pollution? Then you go on stating as pros, that buying animal fur is a statement that is bought by the rich to show wealth. I don’t see how that can be a pro when animals are brutally slaughtered and tortured to produce these article of clothing. There is also misinformation in this article stating that animals are a renewable source because they are bred “naturally”. Maybe if you took proper time into looking into this issue you can see that these poor animals are bred on breeding farms with horrible conditions. I don’t see anything natural about that. This article should be either taken down or be reworded to be more accurate.

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    so good

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