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Pros and cons of cold calling

Depending on the type of communication and mode of advertising, economic units can thrive or fail. Various units in the world are striving in all means to brand themselves as best to many people who may yield interest in their products. Cold calling is one of the marketing strategies which involve making calls to un-expecting persons to lure them into your terms, conditions or products. Don’t be shocked to find a big firm that nets big catch from cold calling.



1. Fast and reliable: it’s the best way to communicate to the mass number of a client if at all you need your responses in advance.

2. Widen the number of clients: One of its benefits is that a firm or person can widen the number of clients expressing concern about its amenities. 3. Independent of geographical location: There is no fixed distance one can reach calls. Take the instance of a marketer who connects to various clients while heading back home from the office. Through the help of unfailing technology, this can be life-time humus to such a person whose job is to convince voluminous persons to products and in return earns a commission.

3. Direct personal contact: cold calling maintains a direct personal contact between the groups involved once a connection is made unlike many other forms of publications.

4. More opportunities in marketing: it helps do your telemarketing as much as you want to. This enables you to come across reliable clients and helps you to sharpen your skills in marketing.

5. Pretty cheap: this method is considered to be the cheapest in the world of marketing since it requires no extra charges of either traveling or other staff rather than calling.

6. Indirect benefits: it can help one in developing your personality in career, say for example public relations whose application is unlimited.

7. Encounters least assumptions by clients: To illustrate this further, unlike other ways, where the client may skip adverts on social media or lack concern for printed media like magazines, a potential person is not set loose without the caller`s persuasion during cold calls.

8. Gives room for growth: as with time, a larger group of clients can be contacted compared to that of today.

9. Easy to get clients: it is the easiest way to get a huge number of clients at a go.



1. Aggravating: if received in unhappy instances. By a ruinous coincidence, the call may also be a disturbance to the client in the beehive activities of their respective fields or occupation because the call is unscheduled.

2. Lack of a warm rapport: as clients may feel constrained to take on a product or service they don’t really need or even love, which determines whether a deal is met. It`s worth noting that most of the callers are so persistent for one to accept their propositions, which is a nuisance.

3. stiff competition: from various methods of advertising in today`s modern world of computers. Since the invention of social media platforms, cold calling has reduced its reputation in the eyes of promoters. Those in the field today are always rushing to platforms which magnetize huge masses of people who have usually glued to their person digital devices.

4. Strict legal legislation against cold calling: This is a stormy impact on it. These legal frameworks are aimed to protect consumers in all over the world. Those who use cold calling strategy to lure persons must follow the law else they may find themselves in the wrong arm of the law or paying costly fines resulting from grievances filed by offended persons in various legal state structures.

5. Bouncing and failing to attract lucrative profits: In terms of clients agreeing to your terms. This would mean precious time and monetary resources, which are scarce would get wasted. A good instance is one in which most of the people may just take the caller`s time yet decline the offers after a long conversation.

6. Cold callers may encounter information confidentiality issues: If clients feel that their privacy is at stake may lack confidence in the business.

7. Very informal: May lack concrete protocols or evident documentation governing calls made.

8. Time-consuming: It takes time as you try to convince and persuade your client through the phone.

9. Hard to scale up: In cold calling, it’s very hard to scale unless more people are to be involved.

10. Nonpredictive on the answers: Through a phone call, people can promise you anything therefore very hard to predict which is which.

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