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Pros and Cons of T-Shirt business

The T-shirt business has been on the rise over the years. Both men and women have universally accepted classic pieces of T-shirts as casual wear for decades.

T-shirt printing has become a popular business of choice for many entrepreneurs starting a business. There are different designs and brands of t-shirts in the market and the success of your business depends on the quality of your brand.

Want to start a t-shirt business? Read on the pros and cons of starting a t-shirt business.



1. Better returns: You can make good money by selling your own brand of t-shirts. Depending on your brand and quality services offered, you can get a lot of customers to your business hence more profits.

2. Easy to start up: You can easily learn t-shirt start-up manuals online and start as low as your capital allow. There are different techniques you can use to design and print t-shirts for sale.

3. Wider market: You can sell t-shirts online to people in different countries. You need an online store and generate traffic into your business through social media and other sites.

4. Job security: It enables you to create job security. Once you’re able to succeed, the business will be a permanent source of income to you.

5. Popular: T-shirts are worn everywhere and once you print a design people may like or dislike your design but not the garment. They will always buy t-shirts for casual wear.

6. Great for promotional material: T-shirts are great for printing promotional materials like the logo of a certain company or passing a message to the audience you wouldn’t have been able to access.

7. Show creativity: T-shirts give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity. You can modify your designs as you please or have unique symbols and messages printed on them.

8. Make great giveaways: T-shirts can be given as gifts making them a great giveaway since almost everyone can wear them. You will have an opportunity to customize the t-shirts for individuals or a group of people.

9. Convenient schedule: Having your own T-shirt business you can make your own schedule on when you will be working. You are your own boss.

10. Use print on demand options: You can link with designers and artists to enable you to print on demand any type of design and color.


1. Fading design: Although there are printing techniques that ensure you design high-quality t-shirts, the prints will be able to fade with time.

2. Large upfront investments: You need to set a huge amount of money for licensing, permits, insurance, inventory, services of graphic designers, and advertisement cost. Just like any other business, you need to actively market the business for you to succeed.

3. Time-consuming: The T-shirt business requires a lot of consistency, dedication, and time to build your brand. Depending on the printing method used, you need a lot of time and commitment to design a successful brand.

4. Long working hours: During the start-up, you have to work around the clock to build the business. Sometimes you have to work till night to ensure you deliver clients’ work on time.

5. Require proper planning and organization: Although printing a t-shirt is easy, it requires a lot of planning especially if printing in bulk. It requires an organized production process from ordering supplies to the designs which need to be printed.

6. Competition: There are millions of other t-shirt businesses out there and you may find it difficult for your design to stand out among millions of designs.

7. Losses: If no proper planning of the business, you may incur losses that may lead to the closure of the business.

8. Poor decisions: Making bad choices of the design, brand, and low-quality t-shirts may lead to the failure of your t-shirt line.

9. Not environmentally friendly: The clothing industry is the major contributor to the world’s pollution. Even if you design and print your own garments at home, there is no guarantee the base t-shirt was processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

10. Learning curve: Depending on the method used, some techniques are time-consuming even for experienced individuals to perfect the designs.

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