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Pros and Cons of Working for UPS

UPS is one of the largest American-based multinational shipping and courier companies in the world and was founded in the year 1907. UPS business ensures that each package delivery business solution meets and exceeds customer satisfaction to ensure business continuity. UPS is committed to providing a world-class e-commerce experience globally.

UPS was originally known as the American Messenger Company and mainly dealt with telegraphy. UPS currently deals in package delivery, specialized transportation, and logistics services through ground shipping services, retail stores, and air shipping. Employees at UPS enjoy a great array of benefits ranging from great healthcare plans, good salary remuneration, part-time working hours, and tuition assistance.


1. Safety. All employees are provided with safety wear to avoid any accidents that may occur at work. The company emphasizes strict safety measures and is very proactive in offering employees in-depth training on occupational safety hazard awareness.

2. Union. UPS has an employee union that works tirelessly to fight for employees’ rights and favorable working conditions.

3. Maternity leave. UPS offers a paid parental maternity leave to its employees which is a great motivational factor to families working for the UPS.

4. Diversity. The company hires a diverse workforce that promotes racial, age, education, physical ability, cultural and religious diversity, and gender balance within the work environment. Every employee is presented with an opportunity to fully participate in the successful growth of the company

5. Company Values. Strong company values and culture anchored on integrity, humility, education, and philanthropy. The company has zero-tolerance for sexual abuse cases and with such strong principles, employees are motivated to promote favorable working conditions.

6. Career Growth. Employees starting their career at the lowest level have an opportunity to grow up to the management level and are offered guidance and mentorship to progress in their career growth. UPS does a lot of internal hiring and sticking long enough with the company may get you where you would love career-wise.

7. Great Salary Package. Staff is well paid making them have great personal growth and family growth. Staff is offered decent benefits packages that boost up their morale. UPS offers great retirement benefits to its employees making it a rewarding career path to follow. The hourly packages are great and as you rise the corporate ladder, your compensation and benefits rise.

8. Experience. Working with UPS will give you a valuable and vast amount of experience especially when working on logistics and transport management thus equipping one with invaluable skills to progress up the ladder in their profession.

9. Healthcare coverage. UPS employees who work part-time are eligible for Teamsters Care coverage that ranges from dental care, hearing care, behavioral health, vision care, employee assistance program, pharmacy, and prescription drugs, medical care, and hospitalization. However permanent employees are still entitled to the above benefits and addition of life insurance, weekly disability, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

10. Compensation and Savings plan. UPS offers its employee an opportunity to purchase stocks through their Discounted Employee Stock Purchase Program and 401(k) plan and this also promotes long-term ownership of the company.

11. Tuition Assistance Program. This program is amazing since it motivates and helps employees to further their education, and acquire more skills and knowledge in return the company grows with talented individuals and retention of a skilled workforce. The program is non-discriminatory since it’s offered to both full-time and part-time employees. UPS also offers training programs to sharpen skills and help employees further their careers with the organization. UPS has an enterprise-wide learning management system that equips its staff with valuable on-demand online courses.


1. Time Restrictions. Workers are required to put in long working hours consistently, have short breaks and time punctuality is core in the organization to avert any delays and inconveniences to clients globally.

2. Management. UPS management pile up pressure on employees since they are more concerned about numbers and thus can bring about work-related stress to employees.

3. Complex Systems. The company has a wide range of software systems and complex internal procedures that are tedious to navigate thus making it time-consuming for the process to be completed.

4. Fast-Paced environment. UPS has a fast-paced environment, especially when dealing with goods on the conveyor belt which is fast and one is required to be very keen to avoid misloads. One must be willing to deal with the pressure of a lot of packages with limited time on their hands. Drivers are required to all be on time and make deliveries with no delays.

5. High Noise Levels. There are high noise levels in the warehouse and this may create a very confusing work environment and may also interfere with employee concentration on their tasks. Warehouse employees are the most affected by the high noise levels and this makes them experience frequent tiredness, fatigue, and headaches.

6. Hot/Cold warehouse environment. During summer or winter seasons, the buildings are either extremely hot or extremely cold and this may bring unfavorable working conditions and also pose a health risk to employees especially those with underlying medical conditions.

7. Physically Demanding. One should be able to lift to 50lbs of items and during peak season, an employee can find themselves loading up to 10 trucks of goods with no assistance. Such working conditions may prove to be very tiresome and have deteriorating effects on your body.

8. Understaffed. In cases of understaffed workers, one is required to fill in the gap with no extra compensation for additional job roles. Understaffing leads to poor productivity and many errors may occur due to employees experiencing fatigue.

9. Traffic. Drivers doing deliveries have to fight traffic to have packages delivered on time thus most have to report at their stations earlier than expected to be able to meet their deadlines.

10. Training. Less investment in training staff since most pieces of training is very simple are conducted in classroom settings thus no exposure to practical training. New employees are given many instructional videos and are to be conversant with their job group and their roles.

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