Pros and Cons of Being a Home Inspector

A home inspector is a person who examines and does the objective assessment of the condition of a specified house. A home inspector will describe the physical condition of a house and clearly indicate what components and systems may require replacement or repair.

Pros of Being a Home Inspector

1. You get to experience a change of scenery: regardless of where you are working from, you’ll be able to get a chance to work in various places. This mostly suits those who love to switch up their usual dealings from day today.

2. High income: This kind of job has a breath-taking salary, provided you give your best and produce excellent results, be rest assured, you will have it smooth and enjoyable.

3. You become entitled to yourself: Unlike other jobs where one gets to report to the boss, with this profession you will become your boss thus you’ll get to enjoy Independence in your profession, impressive, right?

4. It’s a prestigious job: Buying a home is one of the most vital investments anybody can ever make; this, as a home inspector, you’ll have a major key role to play. In this profession, you’ll be able to advise many families on their way to achieving their dream home.

5. You get to be trusted: If you are a self-driven person, all you need to do is be committed to ethics and integrity; thus, many customers will look for you. The basis of your job will include; examining the structure, writing reports, and assessing environmental concerns.

6. A quick job start: This is your ideal field if¬†you want to dive into the job realm as quickly as possible. All you’ll get is some training for a few months, then dive into the profession as quickly as abcd.

7. You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people: Like any other job, you’ll get to interact with different people from different spheres in the inspection arena.

8. Regular paycheck: After a period of working so hard, the moment you deliver what the client wants, you’ll be paid according to how you agreed. In return, it will be a regular cycle since you’ll be getting many jobs depending on your ability to deliver.

9. You’ll get to learn new skills: As they say, no knowledge is ever wasted. This comes in handy in this context; the more you’ll be working, the more you’ll come to find out more skills that might even be essential and helpful.

10. You’ll get to understand the world even better: When engaging in this job, at times, one gets to learn about themselves even better! At times you will encounter situations that might help you understand the world better.

11. It also gives life greater meaning and purpose: When you have such a life you’ll be able to know the importance of working and giving your best to your job, unlike when you could just be sorted at home with no meaningful thing to do.

12. This job also allows you to access a work community: You’ll be able to work with many people, both professionals, and amateurs; thus, you’ll interact with people in your work community and learn more from them.

13. You’ll gain intellectual challenges: During your work times, you might end up meeting very serious and knowledgeable individuals who will challenge you intellectually, which is essential.

14. Enables to hone your skills: As you continuously learn new skills, you’ll be able to embrace them and hone them as this is vital for your career. That will act as a stepping stone to greater professional and personal goals.

15. It gives you a sense of identity: Let me break this down, so you have a deeper understanding; when you attend parties or even general meetings, you’ll often be asked, your name and the next question will be what do you do? Thus with this job, you’ll be able to gain a sense of identity.

Cons of being a home inspector

1. You’ll have to disclose any big problem: Problems like cracks, water issues, or even termite effects have to be reported earlier to the client.

2. You’ll be required to spend money: The moment you’ll encounter problems like cracks etc. you’ll be required to repair them, thus increasing costs

3. You might end up adding more workload to yourself: In most cases, you don’t have a clear overview of whether the client might purchase the house exactly how it is or might cater for repairs. So, you might repair it, and maybe the client wanted it “just as it was”

4. Stiff competition: Just like in any other job, the competition in this industry is so stiff. Thus, you have to ensure you outsmart everyone.

5. The market is saturated: Basically, some clients have devoted clients and more qualified experience. Thus, they often have more clients because of their reputation, but you’ll have the clients if you want to work smart and create a good reputation.

6. There’s a lot of pressure: This job has fueled pressure because people are paying you to get it right, so if you end doing a shoddy job, you might find yourself in a lawsuit.

7. Variation in industry standards: Depending on the place you stay, the industry changes as some areas require some relevant papers; thus, you have to update your education and knowledge often.

8. At times, new requirements are needed: Things are changing from day to day. Thus you have to ensure you are updated on the needed requirements every day as new certification does happen.

9. Professionalism is vital: In this field, if you aren’t a professional, you’ll get pushed to the sides fairly quickly.

10. You snooze, you lose: You are required to be highly keen as a small mistake you make might affect you badly.

11. If you fail to uncover the truth, you might be in trouble: If you forget to report some information that seems obvious and noticeable, then be sure to be in trouble.

12. Honesty is essential: If clients prove that you lied to. If you either missed something, then be sure it might lead to them filing a lawsuit against you.

13. It’s unpredictable: Unlike other jobs, you might win or lose; it’s a risk-taking job.

14. You might fail to get clients: You might fail to have clients when you start, which leads to you not making money.

15. It can get shaky: It does get shaky, but tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

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