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Pros and Cons of being a vampire in Skyrim

Vampires are creatures featured in a video game known as Elder Scrolls. Vampires are good in Skyrim. In Skyrim, Vampirism is like an infection or syndrome that affects the creatures in the game after the vampires infect their bodies. The vampirism of these creatures increases as the level of their infection increases. Therefore, in Skyrim, vampires are the individuals infected with the Sanguinare Vampires. However, these vampires have disadvantages and advantages when used in video games.

Pros of being a vampire in Skyrim

1. Immunity to diseases: One of the greatest advantages of being a vampire in Skyrim. Vampire in Skyrim is 100% immune to any diseases. This factor makes the vampire all diseases they come across in the levels.

2. More illusions: Vampires in Skyrim are 20 percent more than other creatures. In video games, illusion is an important component. It makes the game more interesting and makes it more realistic. Therefore, vampires are benefited when used in Skyrim.

3. Cold and Frost resistant: Skyrim Anniversary edition has various survival tools that can be activated to make vampires adapt to the environment. Most of the creatures in Elder scrolls are affected by frost and cold. With vampires, this can be avoided by activating the survival mode feature. Similarly, the tools help the vampire cope with other climate changes within the gaming environment.

4. Vampire’s strong sight: being a vampire in Skyrim allows you to work in light and dark environments. Vampires have a strong sight, and therefore they can easily adapt to dark environments. In addition, their strong sight makes the process of gaming easier as you do not strain while playing. Thus, being a vampire in Skyrim benefits the user with good visibility.

5. Disappearing of shadows: The shadows of vampires in Skyrim disappear easily, and this can save you from attacks. Vampires embrace disappearing shadows, making you turn invisible for 180 seconds.

6. Vampire’s seduction power: vampires are known for their high seductive power. It helps to keep the enemies away. In addition, it helps to keep the animal away from fighting and fleeing.

7. Immunity to poison: Vampires are 100% immune to poisons. They can overcome poisons from enemies. The ability to overcome poison makes vampires a suitable player in the game. It increases their lifespan as the game follows.

8. Ability to detect dangers: Detecting and fighting enemies is the main goal in the game. Vampires in Skyrim have proved to achieve these two goals. Vampires have a great sensing ability, which helps detect the enemy’s presence. Therefore choosing to be a vampire in Skyrim would come with many advantages.

9. Float over water: many gamers choose vampires due to their ability to float over water bodies. A vampire Lord can float in water bodies despite their size. This feature helps the vampire to flee and fight the enemies. If you (vampire) take the offer Serena’s during the play, you automatically become a Vampire lord.

10. Float over traps: traps are the main downfalls in the game. Vampires can avoid these traps due to their floating ability. Vampires obtain the floating ability after they take the offer of Serena’s. This feature helps them to avoid enemy traps.

11. The ability to turn into the mist: the hiding and disappearing skills are important in any game. Vampires in Skyrim can turn into mist and disappear from the eyes of their enemies. This adaptive skill helps them to survive throughout the level.

Cons of being a vampire in Skyrim

1. Fire damages: Being a vampire in Skyrim makes you more vulnerable to fire and other fire-related risks. Vampires have more than 50% weakness when exposed to fire. Negatively, the fire damage is usually multiplied by 25% every stage the vampire passes.

2. The outdoors effect: It is greatly affected when the vampire is outdoors during the day. Its stamina and health are lower and do not increase as the level proceeds. The decreasing rate is increased by 15% at every stage.

3. Hatred at stage 4: You develop many enemies when you are stage four of the game. These enemies attack you and force you out of the game.

4. Feeding on Humans: You (vampires) must feed on human beings in the game to keep up with the low levels of the game. It creates enmity between you (vampire) and the individual in the game.

5. Vampires go out at night only: Since daylight hurts them, they only go out at night. Therefore, they are time-limited.

6. Vampires are immortal: You (vampire) cannot survive throughout all the game levels. Once the enemy’s attack or health deteriorates, the vampire is likely to die.

7. The long procedure of becoming a Vampire Lord: becoming a vampire lord is not straightforward. You (vampire) must undergo various levels to be crowned as the Vampire Lord. In addition, if anyone witnesses, as you become a vampire lord, you (vampire) get the gold bounty.

8. Skyrim’s NPCs: At level four, the Skyrim algorithm becomes hostile to Vampiric creatures. It imposes rules and tough measures to curb the development of the empire. For instance, the vampires are denied another right to walk through uninhabited areas.

9. Effect of innate stat regeneration: vampires are restricted from going outside during the day. If you go, the stat regeneration is stopped. Up to 50 points, then lower the stat.

10. Allergic to silver and garlic: Video-games vampires are allergic to silver and garlic. It limits their operations. When they have been exposed to silver and garlic, the vampire’s strength is reduced. The enemy may use these allergic items to attack the vampires.

11. Sleep in coffins and are evil: additionally, vampires do not have a decent place to sleep. They enjoy the night in the coffins, and this proves how evil they’re.

12. Depend on blood: for vampires to survive, they largely depend on human blood. It increases the hatred between human beings and the vampire in the game.

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