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Pros and Cons of buying refurbished Computers

Pros and Cons of buying refurbished Computers

Refurbished computers are secondhand computers. These computers have been used before and are now sold as secondhand devices. They are usually sold at a lower process than the original price. Is buying a refurbished computer a good move? This common question puzzle many professionals when purchasing a computer. Buying a refurbished computer can save you from purchasing a new and expensive computer. However, before deciding to buy a refurbished computer or not, you need to understand the pros and cons of buying a refurbished one.

Pros of buying a refurbished computer

Below are some of the advantages associated with purchasing a refurbished computer:

1. Affordable price. The price of almost all secondhand things is lower than the original price. The case is not different for refurbished computers. The selling price of refurbished computers is lower than the price of a brand new computer. Therefore, many people can afford to buy these refurbished computers.

2. Excellent performance reviews. The greatest advantage of purchasing a refurbished computer is that you get to know the customer’s previews. When one buys a brand new computer, he does not know the side effects and advantages of the product since he is the first one to use the product. However, when one purchases a secondhand product, one learns more about the computer’s advantages, disadvantages, and user experience. Thus, it is more beneficial to purchase a refurbished computer than a brand new one.

3. Environment friendly. The refurbishing process leads to the reuse of old products and tools. This minimizes the number of products that are disposed. Refurbishing old and secondhand computers saves the environment from harmful wastes and chemicals that disposed computers would emit.

4. Source of income. Selling old computers may be a source of income for the owner. Instead of disposing of your old computers, you can resell them as a secondhand products.

5. Improved and updated configuration. A brand new computer is not configured. Therefore, the users must undergo many tests and processes of upgrading the computer. In addition, if you are using a brand new computer, you are required to install a basic application to use the computer. You are saved from all these tasks when you buy a refurbished computer. Most secondhand computers have well-updated configurations. Thus, this saves the cost and time of the user.

6. Better quality computers. The availability of refurbished computers in the market allows people to buy high-quality computers at a low price. The initial price of some new computers is too high, so not all people can afford to buy them. However, due to refurbished computers on the market, people can own these high-quality computers.

7. Improved security features. Brand new computers are exposed to many security flaws. After numerous performance tests and installing security features, the computer can easily bypass these security flaws. Refurbished computers have advanced security performance. Thus they are not prone to security risks as brand new computers are.

8. Few testing. When you purchase a refurbished computer, you must perform some testing. A refurbished computer usually have gone through many several testing, thus reducing the time re-test the computer.

9. Good performance at a cheap cost. Most refurbished computers have similar features to those found in brand new computers. The buyer can enjoy a better performance at a low cost.

10. Enhanced RAM. The Random Access Memory of the computer may be improved. A new computer may have faulty RAM, and the owner may replace it with a more danced RAM. The buyer can enjoy the benefits of enhanced RAM when the computer is sold secondhand.

Cons of buying a refurbished computer

Below are some of the downsides associated with refurbished computers:

1. Warrant period. Most brand new computers have a minimum warranty of one or two years. However, this is not the case with refurbished computers. Most refurbished computers have a warranty period of less than one year. Therefore, if warrant period is the factor to consider while purchasing a computer, go for a brand new one.

2. Repair costs. When you buy a secondhand computer, the probability of getting faulty parts over it is high. These flaws increase the total cost of maintaining a secondhand computer. Sometimes, the cost of purchasing a refurbished computer and repairing it may be higher than the cost of buying a new computer.

3. Old model. Most secondhand computers have outdated features and specifications. Once a new computer model is introduced, people sell their old model computers as secondhand at a throwaway price.

4. Battery life. The greatest downside of purchasing a refurbished computer is the battery life. Most secondhand computers have less battery life than a brand new laptop. The lifespan of the battery is below the normal time.

5. Defective motherboard. The incompetent motherboard is one of the greatest risks of buying a secondhand computer. The previous owner may sell the computer after realizing the defects with the motherboard. This problem and risk are passed to the new buyer. Therefore, before buying a secondhand computer, one needs to cross-examine the computer keenly.

6. Computer condition. Sometimes the selling condition of the computer may not be satisfying. The previous owner may not completely clean and reboot the computer before selling it. The buyer may incur additional costs to clean and reboot the computer.

7. Short lifespan. Most of the refurbished computers have been exposed to several repair processes. This reduces the computer’s lifespan, and thus the new buyer may not last long with the computer. Therefore, if the lifespan is the factor to consider while purchasing a new computer, go for a brand new computer.

8. It May be expensive. If the buyer does not know the market price of a band new computer, he may buy a secondhand computer at a higher cost. Most sellers take advantage of new buyers and lure them into buying the refurbished computer at a higher price.

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