Pros and Cons of Prolia

Prolia also known as denosumab is a prescription drug that is used to treat osteoporosis and other forms of bone loss. It is also contraindicated in patients with low blood calcium levels in their bodies. At some points, it decreases bone resorption and increases bone mass and also bone strength.

Pros of Prolia

1. it’s new. It’s the latest by-product from the research work which is believed to cure patients suffering from osteoporosis. It has been approved by the researchers and recommended to be used by the patients.

2. It is convenient. You can get just two shorts of prolia a year rather than taking a pill every day which you may forget to take.

3. It has no side effect on the digestive system since it is administered as a shot. The unpleasant digestive side effects of other osteoporosis medications are well known. Prolia has no digestive side effects and many patients are willing to use it.

4. It works where other osteoporosis medication fails. Prolia treatment is held out as a hope for individuals who have had a bad lack with other osteoporosis treatment administered.

5. It is a proven treatment for people with a high risk of fracture. Also, there were increased levels of bone density experienced by women during the same research. Women who took prolia for a certain duration reduced their risk of a new spinal fracture by 68%. There is a great difference between those administred.

6. It is easy to administer. You will only receive two injections of prolia each year. On the other hand, other treatments will take a long duration to administer because some you will be taking pills every day which is cumbersome since one might forget.

7. It may reduce breast cancer recurrence in some women. A research study was conducted with a large number of post-menopausal women who were also diagnosed with hormone-receptor-positive non-metastatic breast cancer. These women were given a denosumab dose. This lead to the reduction of 18% for recurrence risk factors was present in the group that tool prolia. Even for those who had larger tumors, there was a clear trend toward resistance when using the shots.

8. It does not need to be a long term approach to osteoporosis care. It does not linger in the bones for an extended time like other medications do when treating osteoporosis. It is a finite medication. If prolia does not work for you after some time, you have alternative therapies for your treatment plan.

9. It encourages better medication adherence. You might forget the specification time to take the meds which takes you off your recommended dosage cycle. On the other hand, prolia offers a reduced risk of this issue because it comes in form of two shots. Thus the only thing you have to remember is to confirm your scheduled follow-up after each appointment.

10. It offers fewer next-day symptoms compared to other long-term options. Reclast is one of the long-term osteoporosis treatments often taken by patients who don’t want to be taking mediation regularly. The patient experiences reaction the day after the first dose which is similar to flu-like symptoms. On the other hand, prolia rarely cause an issue such as this once administered.

Cons of Prolia

1. It may cause future health issues in some patients. This drug works by slowing down the bone-breaking process in the body. This counteracts the shift in estrogen levels that post-menopausal women experience, reducing the issues of bone loss that occur with this diagnosis. It also slows the bone remodeling process at the same time.

2. It causes a severe infection of the jawbones. If you experience deep, unrelenting pain after receiving prolia treatment then you need dental work. This is due to discomfort and pain in their teeth and jaw. This dental work can lead to the literal death of jaw bone. Treatment is difficult and may lead to permanent disfigurement.

3. It has serious side effects. Infections sometimes are severe, particularly in the ear, abdominal region, bladder, and skin. An example is a hypocalcemia which is low blood calcium. It is a mineral deficiency. Thus it causes terrible pain and muscle cramps.

4. It does not offer much information about the results. There are some risk evaluation and mitigation strategies that are offered by the manufacturer. There is not enough information about prolia, that enables you to understand the consequences they might be if you decide to use it as your treatment method.

5. It is an expensive treatment for some people. Although prolia is a little bit cheap, some patients cannot afford to purchase them. This might be as a result of some patients do not have enough capital due to a lack of jobs and unemployment. As a result, their health ends up being affected.

6. It must be taken continuously to maintain its benefits. After taking the biannual shots of prolia, you must continue using the treatment for it to be effective. If you stop taking the biannual shots, the risk of breaking or fracturing bones increases.

7. It is not intended for the prevention. This drug is used to reduce the impacts of osteoporosis after it has been diagnosed. It is not designed to provide a layer of protection against health issues in postmenopausal women. You need to continue with an adequate calcium intake to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in the first place among many other.

8. It requires more administrative work for doctors. It is a drug that receives compensation after administration. Thus healthcare providers must purchase it first, then apply for reimbursement after giving it to a patient. This has increased the paperwork involved with the treatment, which also could raise its price upward for some individuals because of extra administrative work.

9. Its research studies are supported by the manufacturer. The clinical research offers success before approval for distribution occurs, some may question the authenticity of the data generated from the studies.

10. Inflammation of the heart inner lining. Prolia causes heart inner lining problems. As a result of this, the patient will die since the valves will be altered thus they will not be function normally. This is a loss to the family of the deceased because their loved one or their breadwinner will be gone


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