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Pros and Cons of 1 Year MBA

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The 1-year MBA is designed specifically for college grad students who want to earn an advanced graduate degree in a very short time. The education background does not matter as long as you come from a recognized university, you qualify to enroll for an MBA program. The one-year MBA program is very demanding hence you need to be committed and dedicated in order to achieve a better result.



1. Saves Time. This is one of the top benefits of enrolling for the 1-year MBA program because you can finish up your course quickly and get back to your career in order to replace the money you invested during this time.

2. Relatively Cheaper. The professionals who quit their job for one-year executive MBA programs in some countries like India, pay a lower amount of tuition fees which results in low debts after graduation which is easy to pay back in time. In addition, less time spent less cost of living.

3. Straight content. The one-year MBA program does not waste time overviewing the basic things but instead go straight to the point because of the limited time. This will enable the students to be the focus because they will be doing most of the basic research on their own.

4. Quick Return on Investment. Although one year is cheaper as compared to the two-year MBA program, it is still expensive. The advantage is, you start earing sooner in the one-year program which in turn helps you pay the money back faster.

5. Quick break. With a one-year MBA program, you only need to take a break to finish your course, Also, many companies who sponsor their employee education always prefer doing it for one year.



1. Lack of enough time to cover everything. 1-year MBA program might short to learn everything you need to know about the MBA. The time allocated for this program is inadequate to learn everything because the things to be learned are much more.

2. Extreme pressure. Because of inadequate time for content coverage, the students have highly intensive study and tight schedule due to the demanding nature of the course.

3. Low preference. Many of the employers prefer two-year MBA graduates over 1-year MBA graduate because they feel that the 2-year MBA graduates have more knowledge on the course.

4. Few replacement opportunities. There are very few replacement opportunities for 1-year courses as compared to two years one. This is because most of the employees give the chances to two year MBA student.

5. Limited options. One year is becoming popular in the world but there are few schools that offer the course. This might not give you a chance to study at your school of choice.

6. Relationship with your core graduates. One-year MBA does not offer enough time to create a comprehensive relationship between the member experience different group opinions along the way.

7. Lack of Internship Experiences. Internships provide an opportunity for the student to acquire job experience and make a network with different people all over the world. One-year MBA does not provide this opportunity to their students.

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