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Pros and cons of co education

Co-education is an arrangement where both boys and girls are undergo learning under the same roof. This means that both genders go through the education system in the same classroom and share the same amenities. This system of education comes with a myriad of advantages and a host of other disadvantages.



1. Develops mutual respect: When both girls and boys are taught under the same roof, they develop mutual respect for each other as they learn and understand each other’s needs. This also plays an important role in allowing students to appreciate one another.

2. Helps to overcome the fear of the opposite gender: Co-education plays an important role in bringing people of the same gender together which means that as they work together on a variety of projects, they shed the fear of the opposite gender.

3. Creates healthy competition: Co-education puts both girls and boys in the same class through the same education system which helps in creating a healthy competition among both boys and girls.

4. Develops one’s self-esteem: Co-education allows both girls and boys to work together in the same environment and by doing this, they end up getting used to one another thus boosting their self-esteem.

5. Encourages future survival: By putting both boys and girls in the same learning environment, it helps in developing and building relationships that will help them as they grow older. This also comes in handy even as they plan to handle their own relationships in the future.

6. Develops people’s culture: Co-education also plays an important role in developing people’s culture through interaction and appreciation of the practices of members of the opposite gender in a certain culture.

7. No space for discrimination: There is very little room left for discrimination when boys and girls are educated under the same roof. This is because they get to learn about each other and interact under various environments and thus appreciate one another.

8. Resource handling and management:
It is much easier to manage the resources of an institution if the boys and girls are put under the same roof than when they are separated because the resources are always limited.

9. Promotes controlled environment: Boys and girls learning in different environments may be cumbersome especially when it comes to regulation. However, by putting them together, it becomes easier to reinforce these regulations.

10. Encourages decent behavior at a young age: Co-education plays an important role in encouraging decent behavior at a very tender age when the students are still very young.



1. Greater chances of destruction:
There is a high likelihood of the students getting into a path of destruction when they are put under the same roof.

2. Unethical activities: Students may be tempted to engage in unethical behaviors at a very tender age if they are put together in a co-education setup.

3. More involvement in personal feelings: Students who are put together in a co-education system may be tempted to follow their personal feelings which may be destructive.

4. Unwanted arguments: It is very easy for students to start and engage in unwanted arguments that may turn out to be ugly especially because they may not understand each other’s needs.

5. Reduces options for schools and colleges: It makes it difficult for students to select what schools they want to go to because they do not have much of a choice to choose from.

6. May create unhealthy competition: There is the risk of the students engaging in an unhealthy competition among themselves which may also lead to destruction.

7. May create resentment towards the opposite gender: Depending on one’s experience with the opposite gender, students may end up resenting members of the opposite gender and this may affect their future relationships.

8. Encourages immoral relationships: Students are more likely to be tempted into immoral relationships when they are put together in the same class.

9. Less concentration in class: Co-education reduces the level of concentration in class for some members because of their interruption by members of the opposite gender.

10. Strain on resources: Co-education means that there will be more people in the same class at any given time which may put a strain on the already limited resources in the institution.

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