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Pros and cons of free college

College has often been used as a measure of educational success especially among school going children. For this reason, many children consider it a privilege to study all the way to college. However, this is not always the case as most children end up dropping out of school for various reasons, among them lack of school fees. But would free college education solve the problem? Below are some of the pros and cons of free college.


1. Productive society: Free college education will eventually lead to a more educated society that can engage in meaningful work and produce results. This makes the entire society full of productive and progressive people.

2. Promotes fairness: Free college education will play an important role in promoting fairness especially among school going children where each and every student is given an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

3. Better outlook in life: Free College provides children with an open mind that improves their self-worth and builds their self-esteem. This also helps in giving them a more positive outlook on life.

4. Guarantees education for poor children: Free College can be considered a free ticket to college education for poor children who had no dreams of ever attaining any college education in their lives.

5. No student loans: Free college means there are no student loans that students need to be struggling with which gives students an opportunity to invest their money in other high income ventures.

6. Students pursue what they like: Free College means that all students will get the chance to get to college and pursue any course or career path that they may be interested in.

7. Opens up access to college: Free college education is a sure route to opening up access to college education for marginalized students and other not well-off students.

8. Students would focus more on class work: Free college education gives students peace of mind which means they can focus on their education as opposed to worrying about where the next loan will come from.

9. It relieves parents of financial strain: Free college education relieves parents of any financial strain allowing them to focus on other needs by their children.

10. Increase literacy levels of the nation: Free college gives access to education to several people in the country which raises the literacy levels of the nation and hence growth in the economy.



1. Discrimination: Free college education may sometimes lead to discrimination among the students who do not come from a well to do family.

2. May not be free: Free college education may not necessarily be free as other hidden charges are sometimes brought up in between the course work.

3. The money has to come from somewhere: Free college education is free to the students and parents. However, the money comes from a different source such as the government and donors.

4. Younger generations may not know how to handle money: Free college education means that the younger generation does not need to worry about money and may not learn how to handle money at a young age.

5. College may stop being important: For children going to college, free college means that it will become a normal thing to them such that they may see no need to go to college after all.

6. Facilities in college could be strained: Free college education opens up doors to all and sundry which ends up putting a strain on the already limited resources in the schools.

7. It may affect private institutions: Private institutions that depend on school fees to thrive may be adversely affected by free college education because they will no longer be profitable.

8. Reduces quality of education: Free college education ends up reducing the quality of education in college since everyone can access it without the need to part with anything.

9. May increase government borrowing: Free college education that is funded by the government means that the government has to continue funding the schools and sometimes the money may not be available forcing the government to borrow.

10. It may cause increased unemployment:
Free college education means that more and more graduates are released into the market at a higher rate than the employment market can sustain which leads to unemployment.

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