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Pros and Cons of Traditional Education System

Traditional schools have been around for years and almost everyone has attended them. The schools are divided into grades and consist of public institutions governed by the school district with both primary and secondary education systems. It includes teacher-student delivery of information in a classroom setup. Some Colleges and universities also use traditional educational methods to facilitate learning although it is faced with many challenges.



1.       Total participation: Students will have direct interaction with the teachers and can be able to ask for questions or more explanations on areas they didn’t understand facilitating participative learning.

2. Face-to-Face interaction: Students can easily hold face-to-face interactions and solve complex assignments as a group with other classmates.

3.       Students can enjoy free daily and weekend events: Events such as guest lecturers or film screenings are organized by the institutions for edutainment.

4.       Establish responsibility among the students: Tradition systems use a fixed timetable which must be followed by all students this helps in preparing students for future responsibilities.

5.       Learn through real examples: Attending classes will enable students to gain necessary skills and knowledge that can promote their contribution to society through real examples.

6.       Wide knowledge: Traditional schools equip students with a wide scope of knowledge as compared to other alternative methods of education. Students can learn technical skills, social and even sports skills.

7.       Teacher-centered learning: Teachers are the main source of information to the students. The teachers not only equip knowledge to students but also help them in solving problems and giving advice. They act as role models to the students.

8.       Increased student achievement: Teachers work together with the students encouraging them to improve their grades in school. They act as a source of motivation for improving students’ grades in the classroom.



1.      Cost of commuting: Using the traditional education system is more expensive due to the increased cost of commuting to the school and also looking for accommodation within the school environment.

2.     No flexible study hours. Those working may find it difficult to study in traditional universities and colleges due to rigid schedules. The use of modern methods can minimize the challenges faced by students.

3.       Less time in pursuing other tasks: Students have to organize their daily task based on the class attendance timetable and this leaves them with less time to pursue other tasks.

4.       Loans: Traditional university students may take students loans at high-interest interests in order to facilitate their education programs.

5.       Lack of motivation: Students may feel that they don’t have the chance to express their interests and skills using the traditional education systems. They view attending school as an obligation they’re mandated to carry rather than being there because they want to.

6.       Lack of career direction: Allowing students to focus on different interests within the school may divert their attention in the classroom and this will affect their future career growth. Students will spend more time and effort learning something which will not help them later in their lives and in their future careers.

7.      Students become passive listeners: in traditional schools, students merely absorb the information being taught in class. Students are supposed to listen to the teachers and sometimes their lack interest of in the lecturer becomes passive listeners. The students have to learn at the pace of their teachers.

8.     Use of authoritarian approach: Teachers use their authority in making all the decisions concerning the students leaving students with no room to express themselves. This can widen the gap between the teachers and the students.

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