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Pros and Cons of Diesel

When making a car buying decision, the biggest decision you have to make before looking for the model is whether to buy a Petrol car or diesel. Diesel cars are more fuel efficient and expensive compared to their petrol or gasoline counterparts.

Before buying an automobile, you need to consider the following pros and cons of using diesel.



1. Highly efficient: Diesel engine utilizes a high compression-ignition system to heat the air thus making it more efficient than the gasoline engine. This makes the engine temperatures to be hotter producing more energy.Cons

2. Greater torque: Vehicles using diesel are good at towering and overtaking. They produce a greater amount of torque and have low-speed torque compared to others.    

3. Fuel economy: The diesel engines use high compression ratio which leads to more torque in the vehicle leading to less fuel consumption. This makes them the better fuel economy vehicles for longer distances.

4. Resale value: Second-hand vehicles have a greater resale value because the diesel engine of the vehicles is extremely valuable.

5. Durable: The diesel engine can withstand high temperatures making the engines last longer than the gas engines.

6. No spark plugs: Diesel fuel vehicles do not need any spark plugs or distributors thus, there is no need of the ignition tune-ups.

7. Burn more than one type of fuel: Diesel burns more fuel in the open air releasing few pollutants. Biodiesel fuels can easily be brewed at home.

8. Reliability: Diesel fuel has high reliability and can easily adapt to damp environments. This is due to the low voltage electrical ignition system.

9. Powerful: Diesel engine vehicles provide more power to haul or tow heavy loads on regular basis. The engine emits more energy giving you the extra power you need.

10. Charging pressure: Diesel engines have no limitations as they can accept a turbo-charging pressure which is affected by the strength of the engine component.



1. The high cost of fuel: Although the diesel engine vehicles are fuel economical, the cost of diesel is much higher than that of gas. Depending on how often you use the vehicle you need to consider how efficient is the vehicle in terms of fuel economy and the additional fuel price.

2. Expensive: The cost of buying a diesel engine vehicle is higher than that of petrol or gasoline engines.

3. High maintenance cost: The cost of fixing diesel engine is very high especially if you don’t carry frequent maintenance to the vehicle.

4. Low-speed performance: Diesel fuel is used to convert heat into energy compared to gas- power which sends heat to the tailpipe. This makes diesel vehicles slower in speed.

5. Noise: Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, diesel engines noisy. Although the latest diesel vehicles are less noisy.

6Pollution: Diesel fuel leads to the emission of carcinogens, nitrous oxide, and soot leading to air pollution. Carbon dioxide emitted is 20% less than that emitted by petrol engines.

7Cold weather effects: Diesel engine require high temperatures to ignite the fuel thus it becomes difficult to start the vehicle when the temperatures drop below 00F.

8. Poor power to weight ratio: Compared to gasoline, diesel engines have low RPM due to its heavy components which accept turbo-charging power without limits.

9. Accessibility: It is very difficult to get a diesel-powered vehicle and this also makes it hard to get the diesel fuel in gas stations.

10. Manual water separator: Diesel need regular maintenance and many vehicles need you to empty water separator manually instead of bleeding out excess water from the system.

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  1. Tyler Johnson

    That’s cool that diesel is more efficient than gasoline. I would think that would make up for the extra cost of the diesel. I might have to think about getting a diesel car since the price of diesel is not that much more expensive than gas so it might even save money on fuel.

  2. Luke Smith

    I like that you mentioned how diesel engines are actually more efficient than gasoline engines. I was at the gasoline station the other day, and I just randomly thought about the difference between gasoline and diesel. I heard there are even diesel depots that specialize in dealing with diesel, which I find really interesting.

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