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Pros and cons of living near power lines

Many people are skeptical about living near power lines. As a matter of fact, the majority of buyers turn down houses close to the power line or the ones which have it passing through the property. There are so many things coming up about the demerits of power lines near the homes of people. For instance, there are health concerns attributed to ailments such as cancer and childhood leukemia. All said and done, even when there are overhead power lines in the proximity of your property, they have to meet all the required exposure limits set by international experts.



1. There is that element of privacy. If you are the kind of person who is not pleased with having to deal with neighbors, then you should consider living near power lines. There are usually lesser neighbors and they are all spaced out.

2. The large power lines supply many people with electricity. This means that the surrounding area will have a power supply.

3. Power lines passing through woods make for the perfect place to hunt deer. Well, if you are fond of hunting this may be an opportunity that has presented itself to you.

4. Faster services when there are power outages. The power companies tend to respond faster to calls from owners who live near the power lines. If there is an issue it’s rectified in due time.

5. You can get a good deal on properties in proximity to power lines. Apparently, properties that have power lines passing through them are usually sold at a good deal. You can buy a good property at a surprisingly low price.

6. They don’t possess any viable danger. The power lines are usually at a safer distance from the home. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about emissions or any other disturbances. Everything that people say about power lines has not yet been verified by scientific studies.

7. You can easily find out the EMF. If you are planning on buying a home that is close to a power line, all you have to do is contact the relevant power authority. They will inform you of the strength of the EMF of the power lines. Mostly, the levels are safe enough for you.

8. Living near a power line does not really expose you to harmful EMF. As a matter of fact, you get in contact with EMF from home appliances, electrical wirings, remote controls, and mobile phones.

9. There are no reported health issues resulting from power lines. The world health organization carried out research and concluded the levels the public is exposed to don’t pose health risks.

10. There is a great chance of you getting your dream home in properties close to the power line. The developers put a lot of effort into making such homes appealing. For this reason, it will mostly be something you like.



1. It will be more difficult for you to sell the property. In the same way, you may have been skeptical about buying a property close to a power line, many other people will have their fears. Hence, you may not be able to sell it fast enough or at a good deal.

2. There may be issues with raising a mortgage. A number of people face issues with getting mortgages whenever they are looking into such a property.

3. The overhead power lines can cause a certain buzz sound which is potentially disturbing. This is the reason why some people are put off by overhead power lines passing through a property.

4. There are concerns that electrical and magnetic fields cause childhood leukemia. Scientists are still looking into the matter of this effect of EMFs.

5. Power lines are not aesthetically appealing. They can interfere with the landscaping and beauty of your home.

6. Underground power lines can be destroyed by flooding. The water tends to destroy both the copper and aluminum lines. This usually takes so long to restore the damaged lines.

7. There is a potential risk of the power lines catching fire. During heavy rains and storms, the power lines may get destroyed and some even catch fire. I don’t think you will be happy about having sleepless nights worrying about the possible harm they will do to your property should something go wrong.

8. There is typically a negative perception of power lines being close to the property. You will find that a number of people are not even comfortable with visiting you at home.

9. Interferes with your sleep cycle and can cause insomnia. There are findings that EMFs from things like power lines can in a way interfere with your sleeping patterns and even result in insomnia.

10. Reduce the value of properties. Properties with power lines in them or at close proximity usually have a lower market value.

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