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Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy is the use of nuclear reactions to generate heat using nuclear energy. The heat produced is used in steam turbines to harness electricity. Nuclear fission, fusion, and decay are used as main sources of nuclear reactors to produce a high amount of energy.



1. Cost-effective: The initial cost of building a nuclear power plant is high but generating electricity through nuclear reactors is much cheaper than using oil and coal power plants.

2. Stable base load: Nuclear energy production is based on consumption levels. When demand for energy is high, nuclear reactors are cranked up to generate more electricity.

3. Low pollution: Nuclear power generation produces less chemical components which slightly light effects to the environment.

4. Availability: There are enough uranium reserves to generate nuclear energy for the next 80 years. Other fuel alternatives like Thorium will also replace Uranium in the production of nuclear energy.

5. Abundant supply: A large amount of energy is produced within a short time to meet daily power need or commercial power needs.

6. Works with existing distribution network: The nuclear power plant uses the current power grid. With many renewable resources of nuclear energy, the technology used can be distributed in the market.

7. High energy density: Nuclear fission releases 10 million times the amount of energy released by the fossil fuel atom like oil or gas. A nuclear plant requires a small amount of energy compared to others.

8. Consistent: Nuclear power plant is stable and can operate efficiently for two years without any interruptions. Weather contingencies and other supply factors don’t affect nuclear energy thus reducing power interruptions in the area.

9. Safety: The nuclear power plants are safe for the workers. The plants also protect them from radiation.

10. Recycling nuclear waste reduces costs: Recycling of nuclear waste product by treating and putting it into another reactor in order to provide fuel. It gives us 30% more energy compared to carrying the initial refinement process.



1. Radioactive waste disposal: Melting down of nuclear reactors and disposal of nuclear waste cause radiation effects plants, animals, and foods. This later has a negative effect on people’s health.

2. Environmental threat: Mining and refining of the uranium nuclear energy have an environmental impact. To transport the nuclear fuel from the plants causes pollution.

3. High cost: In order to protect mother earth from the effects of nuclear energy, expensive equipment and materials to cool waste products for a certain amount of time are needed.
The waste materials need to be observed to avoid falling into wrong hands.

4. Finite source of energy: Uranium produced from nuclear reactors is finite and only exists in some areas. It is also expensive to mine, refine and transport this type of energy.

5. Targets for terrorism: Nuclear energy makes military weapons and if the weapons get to the wrong hands like the terrorist, it can destroy humankind.

6Large infrastructure is required: In order to reap maximum benefits of nuclear plants, high levels of investments and coordination of large-scale operation are required increasing the cost of operation.

7Long-term storage is required: Nuclear energy plants require long-term storage facilities to store nuclear waste and avoid any contamination.

8. Uranium is unstable: Care must be taken during uranium energy production since uranium is naturally unstable.

9. Contaminate groundwater: Nuclear waste can contaminate water supplies and cause damage to the local ecosystem.

10. Radioactive explosions: Nuclear fission reactors need a lot of control in the chain reaction. If not well contained, it leads to explosives.

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