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Pros and Cons of Petroleum energy

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Petroleum is a non-renewable source of energy made from hydrocarbon and Sulphur elements. It involves the extraction, refining, and transportation of liquid oil known as crude oil. Petroleum is the main source of energy for industries and vehicles.



1. High-density fuel: Petroleum is one of the best fuel resources in the world. A small amount of fuel generates a large amount of energy; 1 kilogram can produce 10,000Kcal. The refined fuel is used for industrial appliances, vehicles, and in lawn mowers.

2. Reliable: The oil availability has been predictable for a decade. If natural reserves continue to be available, then there will be oil energy. The oil reliability depends on its availability and consumption.

3. Easily extracted: The technology used in the extraction of energy require minimal effort and time. The energy can be extracted during harsh climate or even when the source is underwater.

4. Easily stored and transported: Petroleum is in liquid form making it easy to store and transport through pipes, ships and even in trucks.

5. Relatively cheap: Although the prices vary, petroleum energy is less expensive compared to other sources of energy. It has a low extraction cost.

6. Available: It is widely distributed everywhere across the globe due to its good infrastructure and cost-effective transportations means.

7. Wide application: Petroleum can power different types of machines including generators, home appliances, vehicles, and even heavy equipment. Generally, petroleum is used as the primary source of energy.

8. Creation of other products: Petroleum is a crucial element in various industries. It is used in the creation of products like Vaseline and medicines.

9. Constant power use: Petroleum is widely used as an alternative source of energy that produces 24/7 power use, unlike solar and wind energy.

10. Powerful source of energy: Vehicles powered by petroleum oil runs faster compared to other energy sources.



1. Environmental pollution: Extracting petroleum from underwater destroy marine life in the surrounding oil well. The burning of the oil produces greenhouse gases causing global warming.

2. Produce hazardous substance: Extraction and refining of petroleum produce toxic material. The oil has hydrocarbon and traces of sulfur which can lead to the emission of carbon monoxide and plastic.

3. Limited resources: Petroleum energy resource may run out very soon since almost half of the world’s oil reserves have been extracted.

4. Expensive in long run: Initially, it can be a cost-effective source of energy, but when its supply runs out it becomes expensive. Less supply means increased cost of extraction, refining, and distribution making it costly to the final consumer.

5. Non-renewable source of energy: When petroleum is burned to generate electricity, it can’t be replaced. With time, the extraction will lead to depletion of oil reserves.

6Oil spills during transportation: When oil pipes leak near water bodies, they will cause massive water pollution and this leads to the death of aquatic life.

7Promotes violence and terrorism across nations: In some areas, money from oil extraction is used to fund terrorists. Oil money can also be used to create power and incite violence among nations for political gains.

8. Dangerous employment opportunity: Workers are three times likely to be involved in an accident in oil the extraction field than in any other employment field.

9. Acid rain: Oil combustion can trigger nitrogen gas in the atmosphere to form nitrous oxide. When the nitrous oxide mix with sulfur, they create acid rainwater which flows to lakes and rivers.

10. Climate change: Burning oil emits carbon dioxide gas which contributes to climate change.

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  1. Luke Smith

    It’s great that you mentioned how petroleum is one of the best fuel resources in the world. I was reading one of my older sister’s books earlier and I saw one that was all about the uses of petroleum. From what I’ve read, it seems there are various petroleum equipment available in the market now.

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