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Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

With a growing need to reduce carbon emission, many individuals are turning to alternative sources of energy replacing traditional fossil fuel. Solar energy is the energy generated from the sun’s radiation. Solar panels are installed at rooftops to harness the solar energy.



1. Sustainable: Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy compared to fossil fuels which have an expiry date. Each day there are about 73000 terawatts of solar energy in the earth’s surface.

2. Environmental changes: Compared to fossil fuels, solar energy is environmentally friendly. Greenhouse gas emissions are non-consequential since no fuel combustion is required.

3. Reduced greenhouse gas: Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emission making it the most alternative preferred energy source than fossil fuels.

4. Energy independence: As the sun shines, it gives every country an opportunity to produce energy thus allow the countries to be energy independent. Solar panels installed in individual homesteads provide power that does not need to be connected in an electricity grid.

5. Renewable source: Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which can harness any day across the world. As long as there is sun shining, you cannot run out of solar energy.

6. Reduced electricity bills: Using the generated solar energy can help in reducing your electricity bills. The amount saved depends on the size of the solar systems and your energy uses.

7. Multiple uses: Solar energy has various uses. Areas which do not access energy grid use solar to produce electricity. It can also be used to distill water, power satellites in space or be integrated with other materials used for construction.

8. Low maintenance: It requires less maintenance cost as compared to other fossil fuels. Once you install the solar system, it only requires at least two cleans per year and changing the inverter after 5 to 10 years. This ensures it runs efficiently.

9. Improved technology: New innovations in solar technology has resulted in the use of nanotechnology to increase the effectiveness of solar energy production.

10. Silent: There is no noise produced and no moving parts are involved as compared to other energy sources like turbines.



1. Cost: The initial cost of installing solar panels is very high. The solar technology keeps on changing and most costly solar systems are being introduced in the market.

2. Expensive energy storage: Solar energy has to be stored in large batteries for use during the night. Purchasing the batteries to store the energy during the day is very expensive.

3. Hazardous material: Solar energy consists of hazardous materials used to manufacturing solar photovoltaics. It is very difficult to dispose of the materials and its effects on the environment.

4. Weather dependent: Solar energy can only be produced when the sun is shining. No energy produced at night and this can interrupt the energy supply.

5. Large space is required: Large utility-scale PV systems require a significant amount of land to install about 3.5 to 10 acres per megawatt solar panels. This causes land degradations and sometimes habitat loss of wildlife in the area.

6Associated Pollution: Transportation and installation of solar panels lead to the emission of greenhouse gases. Gas pollution is less compared to other energy sources.

7Scarcity material: When using PV technology for solar production, certain material that aid in the production may be rare to find. These rare materials are byproducts of other processes.

8. Not installed on all rooftops: Not all houses qualify for solar at the rooftop. It is also difficult and costly to install solar panels on slate or cedar tiles roofs.

9. Not ideal if moving: Solar investment takes about seven years to yield benefits and if you move often then the solar system will be an unworthy investment.

10. Quality installers: It is difficult to get quality local installers and also shopping for the right solar system can be confusing.

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