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Pros and Cons of Trans Mountain Pipeline

The growing demand for oil in both Asia and the West coast of Canada lead to the development of the trans-Mountain pipeline. Trans Mountain pipeline system carries crude and refined oil from Alberta and distributes it to various cities.

This article highlights the pros and cons of the Trans Mountain pipeline.



1. Stronger economy: Trans mountain pipeline contributes highly to the economy of the country. The increased consumption of oil can increase revenue and also raise Canada’s GDP leading to a strong and prosperous economy.

2. Job creation: The new Trans Mountain pipeline project created job opportunities for the Canadian people. There are 15 000 jobs estimated to be created.

3. Efficient transport means: Mountain pipeline is an efficient, convenient, economical means of transporting oil and other liquid products.

4. Increase pipeline capacity: It leads to an increased pipeline capacity of almost 300%. Each day, an estimate of 300000 to 890000 barrels are produced.

5. Large volumes: Depending on the diameter of the pipeline, it transports large volumes of oil.

6. Increase Provincial and national tax revenue: Tran’s mountain pipeline project will lead to additional tax revenue for the Canadians. The increased $46.7 billion tax revenue is used to benefit each province

7. Small footprint: The Trans mountain transport pipelines are often buried underground leading to the conservation of land resources.    

8. Low cost: A pipeline transport system is an energy-efficient mode of transport and cost-efficient. The higher the transport cost, the low oil is transported.

9. Reliable: The supply of oil via the mountain pipelines is very reliable since oil pipeline transport doesn’t face obstacles on the road.

10. Little maintenance: The oil pipelines require little maintenance and therefore, they are laid back through difficult terrain or sometimes under the water.



1. Oil spills: The use of Tran’s mountain pipeline for transportation of oil leads to 78% of oil spills. Increased risk of oil spills may affect groundwater and can also cause to death of marine species.

2. Expands Alberta oil sands: Increase in oil transport will prompt interest in producing more oil. This will enable corporations running the Alberta oil sands to have a strong financial incentive to expand its operations. This increases greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Impact on food production: Oil transportation may result in spillage and this may increase soil acidity and toxicity making it difficult for agricultural products to succeed.

4. Increase oil traffic tanker: The number of oil tankers used to transport oil may cause traffic for a certain period of time. Increased use of tankers per day will be detrimental to local tourists and other groups of people.

5. Environmental impact: Groundwater contamination can disrupt fishing and can also affect the wildlife in the area.

6. Oil hazards: Oil is highly flammable and should be handled with care. In case of any oil accident, it can cause serious damage from all the oil spills.

7. Expensive: A new technology is needed including the use of non-sponge for oil absorption. There should be an oil spill procedure adding to the cost.

8. Can’t deliver to end-users: The Canadian Tran’s mountain pipeline is only great for oil shipment but it can’t deliver to the end-users.

9. The arrangement of pipelines: It is very difficult to make the security arrangement of the pipelines. The pipeline system is not flexible enough and can be used for a few points.

10. Capacity: Once you install the pipelines, the capacity of the pipeline cannot be increased. In the case of leakages, it is difficult to detect the leakage and repair the pipeline system.

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