Pros and Cons of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is an operator of fitness centers based in Hampton, New Hampshire, in the United States. They have over 2000 clubs and are one of the biggest fitness clubs franchises by number and location. For one to enjoy their services, you have to be a club member. All club members enjoy unlimited access to their home clubs and unlimited support from Plant Fitness support staff. In addition to this, you can still get yourself a PF black card for you to be able to opt-in for more privileged experiences. However, Planet Fitness has both its strengths and weaknesses, which are going to be discussed below.

Pros of Planet Fitness

1. Open for 24 hours: One doesn’t have to plan their day as they can access the gym at any time of the day, as they please.

2. No wait for machines: There are always a few of each available machine unoccupied.

3. It is not expensive: Their fees are generally low with additional services even at the highest level that they offer.

4. Cleanliness: their locker rooms are always spotlessly clean, up to the dining areas, as they have staff whose job is to maintain cleanliness in the PFS.

5. Massage and tanning: This is not available in most gyms. However, at PFs, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re into tanning beds, you grab a massage chair session after your routine.

6. No weight lifting: Many people hate the meathead weightlifting culture and want to keep those people out of the gym completely. At PF, you won’t hear weights slamming down, dudes grunting, or see muscle-heads walking around intimidating people. This is the best place to be as a beginner as it is judgment-free.

7. Limitless Guest Privileges: Having an exercise pal can assist with keeping you responsible, further develop results, and make working out more fun. You can carry a visitor with you each opportunity you go to the exercise center if you own a Planet Fitness Black Card.

8. Limitless Use of Massage Chairs: After an intense exercise (or an extreme day at home or work), you merit a solid treat. Planet Fitness Black Card individuals appreciate limitless utilization of the back rub seats accessible at each rec center. Finish your exercise with some time in a back rub seat and experience entire body benefits like further developed rest, muscle help, and decreased pressure.

9. Discounted Cooler Drinks: Remaining hydrated is significant for acceptable well-being, particularly when you’re working out. Ensure you’re appropriately filled for your exercise and recuperating great sometime later with a beverage from our coolers! Dark Card individuals follow through on half the cost for cooler beverages, which makes it that a lot simpler to settle on sound drink decisions when you’re at the rec center.

10. Limitless Use of Tanning Beds: You should feel positive about your body after staying with your exercise center in everyday practice. Assuming you need to flaunt your outcomes somewhat more, pick a meeting in one of our tanning beds.

Cons of Planet Fitness

1. Untimely Aging: Even though tanning beds are ordinarily used to upgrade body excellence and work on an individual’s outward presentation, the drawback is that it additionally accelerates maturing. The additional time you spend in the bed causes loss of skin flexibility, which consequently prompts wrinkling. Moreover, the UV beams present in a tan bed mess eye up like photograph conjunctivitis and waterfalls.

2. Hazard of Cancer: Malignant growth is a lethal illness, and it comes from any point, paying little mind to how cognizant an individual may be. Nonetheless, it has been deductively demonstrated that individuals with the inclination of tanning in tan beds are at a higher risk of contracting skin malignancy than those who don’t tan inside.

3. Burn from the sun: Tanning beds don’t utilize the sun as their fundamental wellspring of light. Nonetheless, that doesn’t ensure that your skin won’t have a similar impact of direct sunbeams. If you have reasonable or delicate skin, be prepared to manage hypersensitive responses and tones of consumption because of UV radiation.

4. Skin Dryness: Individuals with slick skin may discover tanning beds supportive as it lessens the measure of oil on your skin. In any case, assuming you have dry skin, tanning bed practice ought to be your thing. The UV radiation dries your skin from any oil, making it inclined to wrinkles and other corrective conditions.

5.No Personal Training of Any Kind Allowed: Considering my roommate and I bought memberships for the sole purpose of him training me how to lift weights safely and effectively, we were thrown off by this alert painted on the mirrors.

6. Pizza Night and Bagel Breakfast: The first Monday of every month is an all-you-can-eat pizza night, and the second Tuesday of each month features a complimentary bagel bar. You don’t need to be a health nut to know that pizza and bagels are the antitheses to a nutritious diet.

7. You can’t use other planet fitness Gyms if you don’t have a Black Card Membership: You may feel that with an essential Planet Fitness enrollment, you’d have the option to utilize other Planet Fitness rec centers that aren’t your home rec center. The lamentable news is you can’t. You can visit other Planet Fitness rec centers if you have a Black Card enrollment. This participation is considerably more costly than a fundamental enrollment.

8. Some equipment is not available: It is not entirely meant for true workouts as it contains only some equipment.

9. Clothing regulation: Planet Fitness has a clothing regulation that dictates “no pants, no do-clothes/skull-covers/bandannas or boots/shoes.” The greater part of that seems like sound judgment to some.

10. No Group Classes: They don’t offer any wellness classes, no yoga, no turning, and so on. Thus, if that is the sort of thing you are searching for, you should go looking for it somewhere else.

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