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Pros and Cons of Platform Beds

You will agree with me that platform beds have undergone so many transformations and evolved to become the beds that most people like nowadays. Platform beds are not only modern and stylish, but they also give your room an aesthetic feel. Since humans spend half of their lifetime sleeping, you might as well do it comfortably. As much as platform beds come in beautiful designs and are suitable for the bedroom décor, they may not be for everyone.



1. No box spring. The fact that a platform bed does not require a box spring makes it super comfy for good night sleep. The bed comes with a platform that offers a solid and strong foundation to place the mattress. This automatically eliminates the need for a box spring. In other instances, slats are used to hold the mattress in position. The slats are usually spaced out at a distance of about 2 inches apart. This allows for the free flow of air through the mattress.

2. Stylish. The main reason why platform beds have fast become a favorite trend for so many people is that they are stylish and come in a wide variety of designs. We all have different tastes when it comes to style. This type of bed allows you to choose exactly what you want. Whether it’s traditional, modern, bold, and sleek, all of them are available in the market.

3. Very comfortable. Sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being. That is why you have to ensure that you get good quality sleep every night. For this reason, you need a good bed. Platform beds have a solid structure that supports the mattress. When you sleep on it, the bed is steady and comfy. Similarly, platform beds are more suitable and convenient for memory foam mattresses. This kind of mattress is proven to support the body well during sleep and hence aids in good sleeping habits.

4. Less costly. Just as I had said earlier, a platform bed does not require a box spring. This, therefore, reduces its cost. You don’t have to get an extra mattress to use on the bed to provide a steady foundation. In addition, box springs tend to wear out with time and have to be replaced. The lack of it saves you the money you would have used to replace a worn-out one.

5. Very stable. The bed frame of a platform bed is quite firm and durable. This ensures that the bed is stable and does not move around or shake. Another thing is that the bed is close to the ground, and this, therefore, increases its stability. It’s a great option if you are heavier because it supports the body well and can take the weight even when you toss and turn. The bed is also wide enough and can accommodate almost everybody size, whether small or big.

6. Storage space. Extra space for storage is highly welcome, especially in a house that is crowded. You can hardly find a platform bed that lacks inbuilt drawers beneath the mattress platform. Well, if you have a wardrobe that is already overflowing with clothes, this storage space can come in handy. Also, consider getting a platform bed for your toddler. The drawers are perfect for the storage of your child’s toys.

7. Less parts. At one point in time, you must have come across the traditional beds that consist of so many parts. This makes setting up the bed quite a headache. On the other hand, a platform bed contains very few parts, which are the mattress and frame. Setting up this type of a bed will only take a few minutes and so is breaking it down.

8. Preserves a view in the bedroom. Platform beds do not need a headboard to be complete. This makes them the perfect option when you want to preserve a view in the bedroom. You can put in under a window that has a magnificent view of the landscape outdoors. The lack of a headboard at times gives the bed a more aesthetic appeal.

9. Suitable for small spaces. If you have a small bedroom, this bed can still fit in with less difficulty. Also, there are some designs with drawers underneath that can help declutter your bedroom.

10. You can use a mattress of your choice. The memory mattress is mainly recommended for platform beds. However, the options are not limited as you can use any other mattress of your choice.



1. They have a low height. Platform beds do not have the standard height of a traditional bed. They are closer to the ground and hence a lower height. You cannot simply sit on the bed the same way you would on a chair. This can be a massive challenge to the elderly who have problems with their back and knees. If you have a delicate back or knee complications, then you should consider a bed that is of a standard height.

2. Difficult to move around. In all honesty, a platform bed is gorgeous and will complement your bedroom décor effortlessly. The problem comes when it’s time to move to a new place. This bed is solid and large in size, making it quite heavy. You will need some energy to lift and move it from one place to another.

3. No space underneath. Since most platform beds are very close to the ground, there is no space left beneath. Well, some people like to keep some of their items under the bed. This will not be the case with this type of bed. On the other hand, these beds have drawers built underneath to create some extra space for storage. While this is a good thing, it comes at an additional cost. If you are on a tight budget, you may be forced to avoid platform beds that have drawers inbuilt beneath.

4. Too firm. Typically, a platform bed is pretty much firm and solid. This is mainly due to the flat platform that is used to support the mattress or in some other instances, slats are used. The firmness and stability is a good thing; however, it can also be a problem for some people. People who sleep on their sides can find this kind of a bed uncomfortable. This is because it is very firm and hence you get tired easily when sleeping in the side position.

5. Difficult to make the bed. This may look like a minor drawback but it can be such a pain. People using platform beds complain that it’s so difficult to lift the corners of the mattress when trying to make the bed or change the bedsheets.

6. Sharp edges. This is common with many beds and is another setback that comes with the platform beds. A platform bed can either have a footer or not. The sharp corners and footers are such an inconvenience at times. You will get tired of banging your foot on one sharp edge or footer. This can be quite painful.

7. Requires extra money for a good quality mattress. A platform bed does not just take any mattress. You need an excellent quality mattress. This means that it doesn’t necessarily save you money because high-quality mattresses can be quite expensive.

8. May not absorb your weight well. The box spring was used in the traditional beds because it helped you sleep better by absorbing your weight. The absence of a box spring means that this feature is unavailable.

9. Getting in and out of it can be difficult. Platform beds generally have a low height. It will take some time before you get used to getting into bed and out.

10. The metal platform bed may not be long-lasting. Some people have used metal platform beds, and they complain these beds are not durable. This is probably because of poor quality welding.

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