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Pros and cons of a public defender

Public defenders are court-appointed attorneys to those people who cannot afford to hire an attorney. They are good and defend people, truly those who have a passion for defending the innocent. Sometimes they are just there to get your money and play games with you.

Pros of a public defender

1. They are great attorneys who work as public defenders: Some of the public defenders are amazing attorneys, and they are dedicated to their work. They are experienced and mostly very knowledgeable about local practices and judges. Private attorneys consult them mostly when they are unfamiliar with their environment.

2. They Are free when you qualify: Public defenders are free, saving a lot of money. Litigation can be costing mainly higher cases or complex, but you don’t have to worry about your defense with a public defender. You will get time to work with your attorney to get good outcomes.

3. Focused and well experienced locally: They only do criminal law. Most Private defenders focus on criminal law, but others don’t. So when new things arise, public defenders are familiar with how they will tackle the situation.

5. They are mostly out there for people because they want to defend people whose society views them negatively. They undergo a lot of judgment from people as they defend people who hurt others, but that is not the case. They are just trying to find justice for the weak ones.

6. They are experienced: They are given many cases, but they handle them every day, so this makes them more experienced than private attorneys. Most people worldwide cannot afford a private attorney, so they are the only ones available to help them.


Cons of a public defender

1. You don’t choose your public defender: You don’t pick your public defender. The court does, so if you are lucky, you will have a good public defender experienced one.

2. They are mostly busy: Public defenders carry more cases than private attorneys. Not often, but they are busy most of the time.

3. Less interaction: This makes communication hard as they are always busy; interacting with them sometimes is out of the question.

4. Time: They are mostly busy, and their time is limited in many cases, and they visit different courtrooms. This can cause a delay in court for hearings.

5. Late appointment: They are appointed late, so it’s hard for them to understand everything about your case. If he or she is tired or not passionate about his profession, he will summarize your case like it’s nothing.

6. They are stressed: They visit many courtrooms in a day, and they have many causes that can lead to stress, making them depressed. Also, some clients are not collaborative as they think they are cheap and will go to jail.

They are cheap, but they have experience as they face many cases and different judges in a day. They are effective, and they are powerful compared to private attorneys.

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