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Pros and cons of each Military Branch

Have you been considering joining any military branch and wanted enough information before you make the decision? If yes, then here is a document that will give you the pros and cons of each Military Branch in the US and lastly guide you along perfectly. As you choose any of them, first of all, understand the Military branches that are already there. They include Army, Navy, and Air Force.



1. The Big Green Machine is well funded-This is the first benefit. As a matter of fact, this is well funded and well established.

2. Promotions came fast-I know you want to be promoted very fast to get up the ladder with ease. In the Army, promotions are very quick. What this means is that you will not wait for 20 or more years to get up the ladder.

3. it’s the largest branch-In the US, the Army is the largest military branch which means the chances of getting into the branch are very high.

4. Well equipped-The US usually makes sure that the Military is well equipped and well organized. The Army is one of the largest branches, you can expect that it’s equipped the right way.

5. Proud history-The Army has a very rich history a reason why many people would want to be associated with it.

6. Good living conditions-The Army lives a better life especially if you compare them to other Armies of the world.

7. Nice duty stations-This is another benefit which means you will be in a better station working any time of the day.

8. Good travel opportunities-The Army usually travels anywhere in the world. So this is a nice opportunity.

9. Good education opportunities-with so many opportunities to continue with your studies, you wouldn’t miss.

10. Widest range of jobs: There are many jobs within the branch where you can work and fulfill your dreams.


1. Standards can be a joke-In many cases, this is one of the biggest cons.

2. There are many people in the Army without motivation-Although there are many motivated people.

3. In the military, there are a few people who are there just for their benefit.

Pros and cons of Navy

There are many benefits and cons of being in the Navy. Here are some of them.


1. Travel-as a navy officer, you have a chance to travel places.

2. There is a wide range of job opportunities in the Navy. So you can get to where you want to be with ease.

3. The branch is well funded by the Government-This means everything is in place.

4. Educational benefits-Just like the army, you have chances of continuing with your studies.

5. The Government treats the Navy very well-So if you want to be somewhere you can boost off, this is the best.

6. Well, organized branch-The Marines and the whole Navy Branch are well organized.

7. it’s safe-It’s also one of the safest military branches.


1. Long deployments-You may be deployed for a very long period of time.

2. Risks-In the US, this is one of the riskiest branches.

3. You spend a lot of your time at the sea-This means finding your family and spending time with them is difficult.

4. Cramped living quarters. The quarters are not very pleasant.

5. The standards here can be a joke-This is another reason that you shouldn’t opt for this branch.


Pros and cons of the Air force

The air force is another branch of the US military that many people are eyeing. Here are some of the pros and cons.


1. Best Living conditions-One of the best reasons people get to the air force is because of their exemplary living conditions.

2. Great signing bonuses and incentives-If you want to live in a condition where bonuses and incentives are huge, then this is where you should be.

3. Best chow halls and foods-We all know the air force for their chow halls and the foods.

4. The Faster promotions-This branch is where you can get fast promotions. It’s actually a branch where promotions come faster than other branches.

5. it’s the safest branch-Many people regard the air force as the safest of all branches.

6. Good ratio of men to women-This is where gender equality is set nicely. Men and women are well balanced.

7. The civilian sector has many job opportunities. This means it’s wonderful especially when you want to scale your career fast.


1. Other branches look down on you-This can be overwhelming especially if you are a sensitive person.

2. The pride diminishes when you get out-This is another issue because you will leave the pride when you get out of the branch.

3. It is hard to get into-there are ASVAB scores that you should meet before you are deployed.

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  1. Jamir Burton


    How do you do an article about the pro & cons of the military branches but don’t mention the Marine Corps?

    1. admin

      All the articles are written by a freelancer. If you write the whole sentences then I can add to the article.

  2. Joe Connolly

    A fairly good article on the Pro’s and Con’s; I think Marines were embedded into Army and Navy but should have their own list.
    That said, it would have been much better and easier to read if done “side-by-side” comparisons. Hence, no branch would have been excluded. BTW, no mention of the Coast Guard and they are a support operations of both Navy and Marines.

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