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Pros and cons of freedom of speech

If an individual or an institution has the freedom of speech, they can express their opinion without being restrained. The internet came out strong, and nowadays, people are using it to express what they feel and what they want. The social networks have escalated over a short period like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others, and they took everyone’s attention.

Pros of freedom of speech.

1. Exchange of ideas: People will exchange ideas as they have free speech; people in power will not be able to suppress what they know and what they want to give to other people. These allow progress and passing intelligence effortlessly from one person to another.

2. Expose crimes and bad morals: Freedom of speech will allow people to talk and express themselves when they see something is oppressing them. Like Edward Snowden, the time he exudes all the government Intelligence to the press enables people to see they can express themselves when they are oppressed by the governments.

3. Peaceful changes: Speech is a powerful weapon one can with one-word people can live peacefully or fight. If people get to use this in a good way, people will live in peace. People will learn and help each other for the good of society.

4. Hate challenge: People can use freedom of speech to challenge other people with hateful ideas, like tribalism, racism, and many others. Peter Tatchell and activist suggest the idea, but it worked over a long period racism and tribalism is dropping fast.

5. Happiness: If the freedom of speech one day is taken away, people will not be able to express what they feel. The government can take that away one day that means no protest, no critics of government activities.

6. Income: Some people earn money through freedom of speech, e.g., artists, dancers, comedians, and others will make a lot of money in a good way.

Cons of freedom of speech.

1. False information: Freedom of speech will make people take advantage of it and spread false data. A lot of lies are told on the internet, and people pretend it’s true. The government sometimes uses the power of the internet in the wrong way to keep peace and avoid protests.

2. Violence: People can use these to hurt others, but everybody should be held an account for what they do. As I said before, speech is a toll. It can be used in a good way or the wrong way.

3. Paradox: Modern ideas will create ideas that will funnily hinder freedom of speech. The government does dictate things that we can have a say or not. Writers and activists will not have a say in public, but still, they want to express it to the public.

4. Forcing: Other people can take advantage of these to make a profit and hurt others by taking advantage of them on what they know, or they don’t.

5. Offensive: People can use this to offend others by expressing themselves or criticize others

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