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Pros and cons for a physician assistant

Are you a physician assistant student, or you are looking forward to applying to be a PA? Before you do that, check out how great PA is and also its cons. It’s typical everything has a positive and pessimistic side to it. PA has a lot of opportunities impeding your way, but it’s very salient for one to check out for pros and cons to help him or she make resolutions.

Pros of being a physician assistant

1. You have almost the same responsibility as the doctor with the half doctor requirement: Being PA gives you a position in the medical field where you will be healing the sick and looking for answers for the patients. Your freedom and doctors are the same. They are limited. That’s why they prefer a master’s degree only.

2. Job demands and growth over a short time: According to statistics, the PA job is expected to grow by 38%, that’s now and 2022. That’s great as one can earn money as they learn. The need for mid-level medical providers is working and helping out. It’s growing fast worldwide.

3. Good salary: Most PAs in a year make approximately $95,000; that’s a solid salary, but sometimes they make less or more depends on places and other factors. The work is challenging, but it gives rewards at the same time.

4. Helping patients:
PA’s responsibility is to manage and diagnose patients’ conditions. When they recover is something good and worth your time.

5. Opportunities: PAs have a lot of opportunities as they can move to something different and new, e.g., move to psychological stream from pediatric stream. The career seems to be endless, so they have a lot of opportunities around them.

6. Clients satisfaction: Patients are happy as they don’t wait for a long time, they get treatments on time consultation, and all that is done fast compared to when there is only the doctor around like the old days.

Cons for being A PAs

1. Supervisions: They work under supervision, almost 90% of their time by the surgeon and other medical personnel. It doesn’t matter how experienced or capable you are, and they have to watch you.

2. Re-certified: After every six years, PAs needs to re-certify after every six years, which is not cool as one has to pay. This means they have to go back to class till they retire or quit the job.

3. Always busy: PAs are always busy as they have tons of work, and in some places, they can run the whole place on their own, including clerical and admin works. Let’s just say they are responsible for everything in the office.

4. Work pressure:
PAs are under a lot of pressure as they are under supervision, and they are responsible for a lot of things. Mostly, they make mistakes because of pressure and stress.

5. Salary difference:
PAs do the same job as physicians and pediatrics, but their salary is way too low compared to the actual physician. In some cases, they run the whole hospital, and all they get is not the same as the other medical personnel.

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