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Pros and Cons of O Positive blood

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O positive blood type is the most common blood in almost 37% of the US population and the most transfused to patients who need it. The blood contains both A and B antibodies in the plasma but no antigens in the red blood cells. The can donate blood to patients with positive blood type since there are no antigens to react with patient’s plasma.

Blood group O positive people have high strength, lean and have a healthy reproductive mind. Taking a healthy diet and exercise regimen based on the blood type helps in reducing the chances of developing certain health conditions.

This article enlightens you with pros and cons of O positive blood group.



1. Most common blood type: O positive is the most common and an incredible donor which maintains an adequate blood supply. One out of three persons have O positive blood and about 37.4% of the population has blood group 0 positive.

2. Venous-thromboembolism: Individuals with O blood type have a low risk of being infected with the venous-thromboembolism condition due to low levels of von Willebrand factor and VIII clotting factor.

3. Plasma type compatibility: O type blood group has A and B antibodies making it compatible to receive plasma from O, A, B and AB. Type O plasma can only be given to type O recipients.

4. Blood donation: O positive individuals can receive blood donor from both O+ and O-. They can also donate blood to patients with O+, A+, B+, and AB+ blood types.

5. Low risk of pancreatic cancer: Compared to other blood types, people with blood type O have a lower risk of pancreatic cancer.

6. Personal traits: O positive blood type individuals are confident, intuitive, creative, decisive and self-determined.

7. Well-built digestive system: They have the ability to digest both proteins and fats in the body. This increases their ability to efficiently metabolize animal sourced cholesterol. It can easily heal any digestive tract issue.

8. Low risk of cholera infections: Individuals with blood group O positive are less likely to be susceptible to cholera but in case they suffer from it, they will have severe effects.



1. Mosquito magnet: An O type blood attracts more mosquito than individuals with blood type A. Type O+ with the secretion of oligosaccharides from the skin attracts more mosquitos than type O non-secretors.

2. Insulin resistance: O blood type is associated with insulin resistance. The insulin that is released is not able to lower blood glucose. Blood group O people are at high risk of diabetes due to intolerance to carbs.

3. Peptic ulcers: You’re more susceptible to peptic ulcers which are caused by the H. pylori bacteria. H. pylori also increase the risk of gastric cancer infection.

4. High levels of adrenaline: Blood type O individuals have high adrenaline levels and should avoid taking alcohol and caffeine which increases the adrenaline.

5. Bad habits: O positive people are likely to be self-centered, very unpredictable, cold, high tempered, and workaholic.

6. Immediate anger response: Blood type O individuals are very hyperactivity and have high temper tantrums and excessive anger.

7. Destructive behaviors: O blood type individual can exhibit destructive behaviors when their depressed, tired or bored. This is caused by a synergistic relationship between their feelings and the release of dopamine hormone.

8. E. Coli infections: According to research conducted in Scotland, people with blood group O are more susceptible to higher rates of E. coli infection.

9. Poor performing thyroid: O positive blood type is associated with poor performance of thyroid.

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