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Pros and Cons of Dating a Military Man

Dating a military man can be the best experience for those who are still in the dilemma of whether to date a military man or not. However, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance in a military relationship; otherwise, it tends to be more of a headache to some. It is indeed undisputed how the military sacrifices a lot to protect our freedom. They mostly get deployed to other countries or far from home, making it hard to come home even for a weekend. Therefore, it is necessary for a woman dating a military man to accept the fact that they stay away for long and get to understand the lifestyle of a military man. Dating a military man. It comes with its pros and cons that includes:

Pros of Dating a Military Man

1. You will have a sense of pride. You will always be proud when dating someone who serves his country diligently and defends it. There are military functions you can attend together, such as Memorial Day and veteran’s day, that you will feel patriotic. For sure, you will earn respect from the public when dating a military man. A wave of a hand from people when you get out of your house is heart welcoming

2. They come with great opportunities and benefits. When dating a military man, you get additional benefits apart from a great relationship. You will have great support from the nation and get to enjoy several benefits such as health insurance, low-cost education, tax-free room and allowances, travel benefits, and 30 days of annual paid vacation. Other than these, you get to enjoy a guaranteed paycheck and cash bonuses.

3. Family and community support. Normally there is a community for military families who support and come together during military deployments. The members are friendly and are always ready to help. They give you physical and psychological support, and you won’t feel alone dealing with the hardship that comes with deployment.

4. Military men love deeply and truly. Imagine getting a short phone call every day to know how you are doing from a military man who has sacrificed his time before reporting to duty or a text message reading ‘I love you, darling.’ For sure, a military man is a keeper and will always be proud to have you when he’s with friends and family.

5. They are smart and have great taste in style. For sure, you desire to have someone who dresses neatly and is smart. Have this picture in mind of a short-trimmed hair person, clean and tidy and in uniform. Also, a great body posture and shape that makes them look wow

6. You get the feeling of protection. Military men react quickly and for sure know their responsibilities very well. It is the best feeling you can have knowing that you have someone who is always there for you and loves you. If you have someone who is bothering you, are assured of action being taken after reporting. People respect girlfriends and wives of military men, sincerely speaking. This is the great feeling you can ever have.

7. They are romantic. Military men are normally confident even if you make them feel low. They will not hold a grudge on you even when you shout at them and make you feel that your relationship is the sweetest. They will make an effort to see a smile on your face and tell you how beautiful you are.

8. They are kind-hearted and patient. Bear in mind that they protect people they don’t know and haven’t met before. They do their work wholeheartedly and will treat you kindly. They understand the pain of being away from you and will hope to see you again.

9. You enjoy great freedom. Military men give you your time to make use of it the way you wish. While he is away, you can work on several projects and tasks or assist on the family business he had started. You can come up with ideas for investment and be sure to get support from him.

10. They enhance teamwork. Military men normally work as a unit and are ready to fight for and stand by the country. They never forget their friends and family and put them first, too.

Cons of Dating a Military Man

1. They are always far from home. It is a headache to date someone who is always on duty far away for long periods of time. The feeling of loneliness and the psychological effects of dating a military man certainly require great perseverance.

2. Are unreliable for the first call during a family emergency. Most of the time, military men are on duty and only have short periods to call home. It is hard to call a military man during a family emergency because the response will come late.

3. Military changes and deployment. When dating a military man, be sure of deployments that come at unexpected times and that you will be apart from each other for long periods of time. The most hurting part is that during deployment, you won’t move with him.

4. Challenges with infidelity. Military couples fight the great challenge of cheating on their spouses. This comes up as a result of long periods of deployment and loneliness

5. Military rules. The military comes with several rules to be followed, and when dating a military man, be sure to be affected by some of them.

6. Struggle with PTSD. Military men mostly have post-traumatic stress disorder when they come back home. They require more psychological support and love to overcome, which can be hard to cope

7. Long hours of work. Indeed it takes a lot of perseverance to be in the military. You work for long days and nights and can’t call in sick the way you wish to. This can be much of stress because you won’t be sure of whether your partner will come back ok or not

8. Hard decision to make. Every military couple faces the same problem of the partner choosing between the families or work. They are always on the move and are not sure to be always there for the family

9. Marriage decisions. Due to the kind of job that military men do, some decisions such as marriage come early instead of that of a normal relationship.

10. Feeling of being left out. Many of the time, the partner can use military abbreviations and see it as normal. Unless you cope up and learn, you may normally feel left out.

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