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Pros and Cons of D-Mannose

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D-mannose is an essential antibacterial agent for treating bacteria and infections in the body. D-mannose component is derived from fruits and some plants.

Taking a lot of cranberry juice will help in generating d-mannose sugar component to treat urinary tract infections and bladder infections. This article explains the health benefits of d-mannose and its effects.



1. Treat UTIs: When d-mannose is taken orally, it can treat urinary tract infections. When taking it, ensure you drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to help you in flushing through the bladder and the UTIs.
2. Treat Cystitis:
D-mannose can clear your cystitis bacterial infections in the urethra or bladder within a day or two. It prevents the bacteria from adhering to your bladder wall.

3. Retains beneficial bacteria: It is used to eliminate harmful bacteria as well as maintain the good bacteria in your body. Intake of d-mannose sugar product retains the good bacteria.

4. Anti-adhesive property: D-mannose prevents the E.coli bacteria from attaching itself in the inner walls of the urinary system and flush it out of the body during urination.

5. Digestion: D-mannose helps to boost the digestive system and guard against digestive issues like ulcers, cancer and bowel irritations.

6. Cell interaction: D-mannose contain Glycoconjugate molecule to enable cells to interact with each other. It coats the surface of cells with a sugar-like material.

7. Metabolized in small quantities: D-mannose doesn’t interfere with normal metabolism or regulation of blood sugar in the body like the sucrose and fructose. It acts like glucose for use by your body cells.

8. Natural glucose: It is derived from cranberries in large quantities and other fruit extracts to help in the lining of intestinal walls.

9. Protect against Lectins: Lectins can harm you intestine walls because stomach acid together with the digestive enzymes cannot break them down. D-mannose will help protect against these Lectins in your gastrointestinal tract through binding of lectins.

10. Support immune system: D-mannose fruit supplement can support your immune system as well help maintain a healthy balance of flora.



1. Sugar effects: To sweeten the tart nature of cranberries, high amounts of sugar and fructose are added which do more harm to the body.

2. Fast excretion: D-mannose supplement works like glucose but it does not stay in the body for long in the body. It has unique metabolism thus, it can’t break down before it is excreted in urine.

3. Slow digestion: Compared to glucose in the body, d-mannose is digested slowly in the body. Thus, it cannot be used as a fuel supply in the body like glucose.

4. Medical conditions: High intake of processed d-mannose with fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in the market is linked to diabetics and obesity. If you’re diabetic, taking d-mannose will make it difficult to manage sugar levels.

5. Bloating: Although, when it is taken in the right content may not have any effects but sometimes you may experience bloating after taking the medication.

6Loose stool: Adding d-mannose to your diet may make you have frequent trips to the washroom for bowel evacuation.

7Serious health consequences: Self-medicating any condition with d-mannose supplement without standard care may have serious health complications.

8. Kidney issues: High intake of the d-mannose supplement can harm your kidney.

9. No energy or body fuel: D-mannose in the body doesn’t act as an energy reserve for the functioning of your body just like glucose does.

10. Pregnancy effects: Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking the supplement although not enough information on its effects on the child.

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