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Pros and Cons of Keratin Treatment

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Keratin treatment is one of the best hair treatments that give you straight hair. The Keratin solution is used on curly, frizzy, and wavy hair to make it look shiny, straight, smooth, and improve its texture. Before going to the salon for a keratin treatment, look at its pros and cons.


1. Safe: Compared to traditional hair and relaxing methods, Keratin doesn’t cause any damage to the hair. The hair goes back to its original state after 2-3 months of using the treatment.

2. Suitable: It is used for all hair types either curly, wavy, color-treat, or any type of hair you can apply the keratin solution.

3. Effective: No matter the condition of the hair, the treatment makes the hair straight, smoother, and better looking. You can maintain the look for 2-3 months before the hair goes back to its original state.

4. Low-maintenance: You don’t need a lot of after-care products to maintain the hair after treating it with keratin solution. You can use sulfate-free products to make the hair look straight for long.

5. Easy styling: It is very easy to style the hair after treating it with keratin. You don’t need to heat the hair or apply other chemical products which may damage your hair.

6. Increase hair texture: The treatment increases the keratin protein in the hair shaft making the hair look shiny, soft, silky, and frizz-free.

7. No side effects: There are no proven side effects of using this kind of treatment

8. Manageable: After the Keratin treatment, the hair becomes more manageable and there won’t be any change to the hair care regime.

9. Both genders: Keratin treatment is suitable for both males and females who want to straighten their hair and maintain a silky look.

10. Strong hair: The Keratin solution is rich in vitamins and it not only makes your hair frizz-free but also strengthens the hair and helps you achieve coveted beauty results.



1. Expensive: Keratin treatment is very expensive to buy. Although the after-care may not be much, you need to use sulfate-free hair products which may be expensive compared to normal hair products.

2. Artificial: Keratin consists of chemicals that are artificially made and can irritate your skin and eyes although there are no major side effects.

3. Risk of damage: You need to have an experienced stylist to make the treatment safe and good for you. Exposure to too much heat or chemicals may damage the hair.

4. Short-term: The treatment lasts for two months and you will have to go for another treatment after that to maintain your straight and smooth hair.

5. Health risk: The formaldehyde chemical found in the treatment is associated with a high risk of cancer. Due to its health concern, countries like Canada have outlawed the treatment.

6. Allergic reaction: Although it is just a few cases, some people may experience some allergies like itching or rashes after using the treatment.

7. Not suitable for pregnant women: It is not advisable to use the treatment while pregnant since the formaldehyde component in the chemical can affect the baby’s health.

8. Special shampoo: To prolong the smooth and silky look, you have to use special shampoo and condition which are very costly.

9. Criticism: The treatment has been receiving a lot of critics due to the use of chemical substances used more making building materials and household products.

10. Physical change: It makes changes to the structure of hair making it straight. This makes changes to the physical texture of hair.

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