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Pros and Cons of L-Arginine

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L-arginine is part of an amino acid needed by the body to function well. L-arginine helps in building body proteins which contribute to muscle growth and rebuilding of body tissues. The supplement’s nutritional value helps in treating various illnesses, treating severe wounds, and releasing nitric oxide in the blood.

Although the body produces l-arginine naturally, this article highlights the pros and cons of adding L-arginine supplements into your regular diet.



1. Reduce high blood pressure: L-arginine regulates blood pressure and supports blood vessels. The nitric oxide contained in the supplement increases the flow of blood during workouts.

2. Treating heart disease: L-arginine addresses cardiovascular conditions like heart failure, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and angina disease.

3. Weight loss: It is used to burn body fats for energy. The more fat lost helps to build lean muscles and maintain a leaner physique.

4. Quick wound healing: Large quantities of arginine drugs promote faster healing of wounds and reduce pain associated with blocked arteries.

5. Prevent premature birth: Arginine supplement is essential to pregnant women. Nitric oxide derived from l-arginine leads to the production of preeclampsia which prevents premature labor and preterm birth.

6. Boost energy levels: Increasing daily oral arginine intake by 50 -100% of what you receive from food can increase your energy levels and enhance your performance during exercises. It also leads to an improved immune system and improved sleep.

7. Reduce the risk of diabetes: It controls the blood sugar level in the body and consistent taking of arginine can reduce the risk of diabetes.

8. Anti-aging factors: L-arginine supplement helps improve the immune system and has an element that keeps your skin elastic and increases sexual stamina. The supplement will help feel younger.

9. Improved memory: L-arginine is recommended to individuals suffering from a medical condition like dementia. The amino acids contained in some foods and the supplement help improve one’s memory.

10. Treat erectile dysfunction (ED): The supplement is known for addressing male fertility issues and reverse erectile dysfunction.


1. Digestive disorders: People suffering from digestive disorders should use arginine with caution to avoid worsening the condition.

2. Side effects: The supplement can cause diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, and stomach upsets.

3. Worsen asthma: People with generic conditions like asthma should not take l-arginine since it will worsen the condition.

4. Lower blood pressure: If you’re taking nitrate drugs, taking arginine increases nitric oxide in the blood. A combination of both drugs at the same time will lower your blood pressure below the normal level.

5. Increase the risk of herpes: Arginine is associated with the herpes virus. If the supplement is taken in large quantities and doesn’t have the right co-factors, it will lead to replication of the herpes virus.

6. Blood abnormalities: Taking L-arginine together with L-lysine will make the amino acids in both compounds compete with each other causing a blood-brain barrier.

7. Drug interactions: L-arginine interact with other medication, therefore, you should consult your doctor if you’re taking other drugs. The supplement whether taken orally or through the injection can negatively interact with blood pressure drugs and Viagra.

8. Anxiety disorder: One can experience a severe anxiety disorder once one consumes the supplement.

9. Associated with the growth of cancer cells: If you have been diagnosed with cancer, don’t take the supplement since it stimulates the growth hormone and certain tumor cells may thrive well in the growth hormone.

10. Complications during surgery: Some people will have high risk and complications during surgery or difficulty controlling blood pressure due to high usage of the supplement.

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