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Pros and Cons of Preparation H

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Preparation H is a temporary medication for hemorrhoid flair-ups. It does not treat the underlying cause but offer you relief by reducing pain, swelling, and itching caused by hemorrhoid. The treatment is in form of a cream, gel or anal wipes.

This article enlightens you with the pros and cons of choosing this form of medication to provide relief to the body.



1. Reduce blood flow: The phenylephrine component found in the treatment kit reduces blood flow in the veins of hemorrhoid thus reducing hemorrhoid symptoms.

2. Reduce pain: It protects the swollen tissue from becoming more irritated thus reducing the pain associated with a bowel movement. The cream can ease the discomfort and any other symptom.

3. Immediate relief: It provides immediate relief from inflammation, itching, burning and pain from the hemorrhoids.

4. Shrinks swollen hemorrhoid tissue: Preparation H cream can temporarily shrink the swollen tissue proving you with soothing effect from all the discomfort and burning sensation.

5. Suitable for internal and external relief: Preparation H treat both internal and external discomforts and irritations. The cream provides a soothing layer of protection.

6. Forms a protective barrier: Cocoa butter, hard fat, mineral oil and other components contained in the preparation H medication cream create a protective barrier to prevent irritation from the contact with the stool.

7. Beauty cream: Apart from treating hemorrhoids, it is used as a beauty cream to prevent eye bags and wrinkles.

8. Wound healing: Preparation H supplement contain healing effects making it effective for wound healing.

9. Six Pack Abs: Applying the cream in an area can tighten the skin. Bodybuilders originally used the cream to make them look ripped and temporarily tighten the skin around their chest.

10. Reduce Wrinkles: This hemorrhoid ointment can thicken the skin and reduce wrinkles.



1. Short-time relief: The preparation H medication can only be used to provide relief for a short period of time. It cannot provide long-term relief nor effective medication for prevention.

2. Mild pain: You may experience a mild pain or stinging especially if the rectal tissue is raw or when there is bleeding.

3. Side effects: Irregular heartbeat, headache, trouble sleeping, and nervousness can be associated with the medication: If you experience any of these condition after using the drug you should stop immediately and consult with your doctor.

4. Allergic reactions: The drug can result in an allergic reaction although it is very rare. You may notice some allergic reactions like skin rash, more itching, severe dizziness or sometimes trouble to breathe.

5. Medical conditions: If you have any medical condition like diabetic, heart problems, and other conditions, you should consult with your doctor before taking preparation H medication.

6. Pregnant and breastfeeding women: The medication should be used with precaution when breastfeeding or while pregnant. The drug should be used only when it is necessary.

7. Drug Interactions: Some ingredients in Preparation H cream can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. They can also interact with MAO inhibitor drugs. If you’re aware of any possible drug interaction let the doctor know.

8. Not suitable for facial use: People associate the phenylephrine ingredient in the preparation H to shrink blood vessels under your eyes. Use of cream may cause serious damage to the eyes.

9. Skin thinning: Prolonged use of the product could lead to skin fragility and thinning or lead to enlarged blood vessels.

10. High blood pressure: Frequent use of the preparation cream to tighten a large portion of the skin can contribute to high blood pressure.

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