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Pros and Cons of Private Healthcare

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When seeking medical assistance, you should look for the best health care hospital. Private healthcare facilities give you the peace of mind that you will receive the best advanced medical treatment.

Private hospitals offer numerous benefits including the ability to choose your doctor or surgeon. The universal healthcare plan provided to citizens and private health insurance enables people to weigh the pros and cons of private hospitals before making the choice.



1. Better equipped: Compared to public hospitals, private healthcare facilities have state-of-the-art medical equipment to offer personalized care.

2. Faster access to specialists: Private hospitals have a wide range of specialist treatments and the best medical specialists offer faster access to patients who need specialized treatment.

3. Private hospital room: Private hospitals have private wings at an extra cost for patients who want to be admitted in private rooms.

4. Short wait time: In private hospitals, there are few patients waiting in line thus, making it easy to receive treatment within the shortest time.

5. Special requests: If you’re a member of indemnity health insurance, you can make special requests for treatments without any referrals. Privatized health care offers you services you’re comfortable with.

6. Doctor-to-patient ratio: The number of doctors in private hospitals is director proportional to the number of patients in that hospital. Compared to public hospitals which have too many patients and few doctors, private hospitals have an excellent doctor-to-patient ratio.

7. Excellent customer care: Private hospitals offer excellent individual care and better customer services to all their patients.

8. More Privacy: Choosing a private hospital means more choice and more privacy. You will be able to choose your hospital to access on-demand health care and also choose your own doctor.

9. Access to insurance covers: Most private hospital allows patients to have access to private insurance cover based on their health needs. Insurance covers help reduce the cost of medication or enable you to access free health care services.

10. Unrestricted visiting hours: Some private hospitals offer unrestricted visiting hours. This makes it possible for your loved ones to visit you at the hospital at their convenient time.



1. Inequalities: Private health care facilities give priority to those who have money to pay, unlike public hospital which offers equal treatment regardless of whether you have the money or not.

2. Cost of treatment: The cost of treatment in private hospitals is very high if not covered. The cost of private health care coverage is high compared to seeking health care services from public hospitals.

3. More flexibility more money: The level of flexibility you choose for hospital privatization services determines the money to pay. The more flexibility, the more money you pay. Therefore, be careful when choosing indemnity health insurance.

4. Limited network: Private healthcare facilities have limited forms of insurance. Some insurers accept certain hospitals and not others, therefore, when choosing the private hospital you have to check whether they accept a certain insurer.

5. Insurance cover: To easily access private health care, you need to have a private medical insurance cover and the choice of the insurance policy and extra resources provided all come at a price.

6. Out-of-pocket expenses: When relying on insurance covers, most of them cover 80% of the total cost of care forcing you to pay for extra expenses from your pockets.

7. Limited beds: Private hospitals have limited beds due to their size.

8. Discrimination: Private healthcare hospitals tend to discriminate against patients publicly insured with Medicaid. They have preferences for young growing families.

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