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Pros and Cons of Trumpcare

Trumpcare is the name given to president trumps proposed health plan. It was formally called the American health care act (AHCA) of which has not yet become law since a Senate must pass it first.

The trumpcare was to replace Obamacare which was formally known as the affordable care (ACA) and also known as the short term health insurance. Some of the provisions of trumpcare directly oppose those put in place by the Obamacare.

For example, the ECA protected people with the preexisting conditions from facing higher premiums insurance but trumpcare would potentially allow companies to charge more on the basis of a preexisting condition. Obamacare also requires all Americans under 65 to have insurance health care or else face a tax penalty but trumpcare will eliminate that individual mandate.



1. Reduced federal deficit. Trumpcare is a proposal that is destined and projected to reduce the federal deficit by $150 billion by 2016. Therefore, the government will be kept at the safest side and would reduce or avoid the government’s debts

2. Increased HSA contributions. The trumpcare would increase the amount contributed in the health savings account. Consequently, each individual will contribute from $3400 to $6550 and from $6750 to $13100 for families.

3. Subsidies for people with preexisting conditions. Some states offer a subsidy to Americans with a preexisting medical condition so as to pay for their insurance.

4. No more individual mandate. Trumpcare would eliminate the individual mandate that requires Americans to either have health insurance or face a tax penalty. This would be a better option for preexisting individuals.

5. Repeal of consumer taxes. Trumpcare would repeal some consumer taxes on things like prescription drugs, medical devices, and some health insurance plans which are preferable to the citizens.

6. The cost of plans. This insurance plan is inexpensive making it a definitely preferred option. That is to say, trumpcare or short-term health insurance plans are cheap in comparison to the Obamacare plans.

7. They do not provide coverage for birth control. If you have religious objections to various forms of birth control, then you may be more inclined to sign up for a trumpcare plan.

8. It is not associated with any form of government-funded health care. Some people regardless of their political party prefer to not have health care that is connected or associated with the government.

9. You can sign up for trumpcare at any time. You can sign up for trumpcare anytime. Unlike Obamacare or plans that comply with the ACA that requires you only to sign up for them during the annual open enrollment period.

10. More competition, more options. When the president signed about this executive order into action, he brought competition and other options into the market place.



1. More uninsured Americans. The elimination of the individual mandate will result to about 24 million uninsured Americans by 2026.

2. Potential waivers of essential benefits. In Trumpcare a waiver is lifted for some essential benefits and instead they draft their own set of essential benefits.

3. Potentially higher premiums for older adults. Under the current law, insurance companies may charge older adult up to three times as much as they would charge a young person for the same plan.

4. The higher potential cost for people with preexisting conditions. Despite that, people with the preexisting condition receive some subsidies but these subsidies will be countered by the fact that state will be able to obtain waivers allowing the insurance company to charge high premiums.

5. A rollback of Medicaid expansion. Obamacare installed funds for the states destined for the expansion of the Medicaid, but the trumpcare would cut the funding.

6.No coverage for preexisting conditions. If you sign for a short term health insurance plan and at the time, you do have some health condition then you’re not covered. It covers you if six months later you’re diagnosed with cancer.

7. If you are expecting or planning on expecting, trumpcare isn’t for you. This means that if you just had a baby or your planning of having a child you will need access to prenatal care since trumpcare doesn’t cover maternity, unlike Obamacare.

8. Sale of short term health insurance in a misleading way by shady characters. Every industry has its bad actors or slimeballs people who are more about making a quick buck thus misleading citizens.

9. Require all able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work or not for people with medical issues. This is never favorable for disabled person as well as people with health issues.

10. Fund their Medicaid programs in one of two ways. These are the block grants or per capita limits.

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