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Pros and Cons of US Healthcare

Receiving quality healthcare services is a right for all humans. Healthcare is a basic need and every nation should ensure its citizens are able to get equal medical care regardless of age, gender or income. Some of the developed countries like the US provide quality healthcare services to the citizens.

The US has the most competitive, innovative and advanced healthcare system in the world. Let’s look at the pros and cons of their healthcare.



1. Quality healthcare services: US have modern medical equipment and ensure citizens are able to get quality medical care. Those who have good insurance can have access to the latest and advanced medical innovation services.

2. Minimal waiting list: Due to the advanced healthcare information system in the country, there are minimal waiting lists for the major procedures.

3. Experienced medical practitioners: US has the best-trained surgeons and physicians in the world. They have doctors who are specialist in a specific area or who deal with a particular rare condition.

4. Freedom to choose: If you have an insurance cover, you have the freedom to choose your own healthcare provider.

5. World-class health services: US is well known for providing world-class health facilities especially mental health services and the best research centers.

6. No medical rationing: Due to the innovative nature of US hospital facilities, there is no medical rationing to its citizens.

7. Universal healthcare coverage: The government support a universal healthcare program to ensure every citizen is able to receive health care services. The universal cover ensures services are cheaper in public hospitals. Government funded healthcare ensure the uninsured citizens can get medical coverage.

8. Free healthcare for the elderly: The government pays healthcare services for the elderly and poor in the country. The taxpayers do not sustain the cost of medical care thus paying fewer taxes.

9. Adequate resources: Medical centers in the US have adequate resources to ensure there is an effective service to the citizens and also reduce waiting time for the patients. Patients can get access to new medical technologies and immediate treatments.

10. Premium Insurance services: High-income earners are able to obtain premium insurance services which enable them to get private medical care services and have the freedom to choose their doctor who can treat them privately.



1. Expensive: Healthcare services in the US are very expensive. If you’re uninsured or under-insured, you will have access to limited medical care and most of the time you will be forced to pay for some health services from your pockets.

2. Limited insurance coverage: Most of the US citizens get their insurance paid for by their employer. If you lose the jobs, you lose the insurance coverage and you may find it difficult to continue paying for the insurance coverage.

3. No price transparency: Almost all medical services lack price transparency making it difficult for patients to shop around before choosing particular medical care.

4. Increases US debts: Increased support of US universal medical care has increased a lot of debt to the US government making it the leading cause of US bankruptcy. The government offer funds to support all medical services since the citizens pay fewer taxes to support healthcare.

5. No emphasis on preventive care: There is minimal emphasis on preventive care and follow up services because they’re very expensive. Most hospital concentrates to acute and interventional management.

6. Low life expectancy: US has a low life expectancy rate and high infant mortality rate thus, more citizens have to pay an extra amount for their health care.

7. High administrative cost: The US has high administrative cost compared to other nations like Canada. These costs are increased by the marketed cost of insurance companies and healthcare providers.

8. Healthcare rising costs: Despite improved technologies, the cost of healthcare continues to increase and are expected to be more in the foreseeable future.

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