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Pros and Cons of Breathing Lyrics

The breathing Lyrics are the type of songs that involve the term breathing and can mostly be referred to as love songs. Almost all breathing songs have love messages.

There are at most 6636 lyrics, several artists, and over 58 albums that match with the breathing. At some points, these songs are so touching to the listeners that everyone would love to rise to them at any given time.

The songs heal a broken heart and strengthen a loving heart.



1. Express love; You can use breathing lyrics to express your love to your loved ones or friends.

2. Act as soft music. The lyrics act as soft music since they can be played while relaxing or sleeping. It is peaceful music with soft piano and no noise.

3. Can touch a broken heart. Breathing lyrics songs messages are so touching in that it can touch a broken heart, comfort it, and at the same time, it can heal forever with the help of this breathing lyrics.

4. Available on the internet. The breathing lyrics are always available on the internet. You can easily download breathing lyrics from the internet.

5. Recorded using a language understood by everyone. The breathing lyrics are always recorded with simple and easy to understand language.

6. It’s everybody’s taste. The breathing Lyrics are not for the specific people, it is all-round and listened by all people. It is not for just the young generation or the old generation, everyone can enjoy it.

7. Used in the love occasions. During love occasions like weddings and love parties, breathing lyrics express feelings and affection to loved ones.

8. Preferred to express affection feelings and emotions; the words used in the breathing Lyrics can express, emotions, feelings, and affection hence favoring the involved people.

9. Condolence song. Due to its soft words, breathing Lyrics can be used as a condolences message. It helps sympathize with those who have lost their loved ones.

10. It is easy to cram and sing. Songs have as easy words and one can easily understand them and sing along.



1. Sounds sad. Sometimes breathing lyrics sound so sad that it can affect people involved in the occasion. If in a burial it can make people cry more.

2.  To hurt people. Breathing Lyrics can express hurting words especially if the song is translated differently.

3. Can be an addition to the current generation. The breathing Lyrics can be addicting to this generation leaving them always being on the internet to search for the music. Hence cannot work or do something else better.

4. Not easy to trace an original hardcopy; You can not easily find breathing Lyrics hard copies in the market, forcing users to rely on soft copies which can be misplaced any time

5. They contain a lot of lies. Sometimes breathing Lyrics contain lie words which may end up affecting the listener.

6. They are somehow misleading; the breathing Lyrics ca be referred to as a misleading song in that through the lies and the emotions of the song may mislead the listener

7. Attracts all the attention .due to that it attracts all the attention people may be always losing focus on the better thing that listening to the music.

8. Can be a source of time wastage. Due to all the time spent in the searching and listening to this music they can waste a lot of precious time.

9. It makes one remember passed things; It can make one remember things that happened in the past.

10. Mostly referred to be for the young generation; most of the aged people refer the song to be for only the young people.

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