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Pros and Cons of living in Idaho

Idaho is a state in the United States of America located in the Pacific NorthWest area. The State has been experiencing a high influx rate in the past few years. Many people started moving to this State after the gold was discovered there. Are you planning to migrate to Idaho? There are crucial things you need to know about Idaho before moving into the State. Therefore, this post will discuss living in Idaho’s common pros and cons.

Pros of Living in Idaho

They include:

1. Low crime rate. Idaho states have low crime rate than other states in the US. This provides a conducive working environment and a safer place to live. There are minimal cases of violence and crimes. Thus, if you are looking for a peaceful state, Idaho covers you.

2. Job market. There is a booming job market in Idaho. The unemployment rate is lower in Idaho than in other states, which explains why the crime rate is low. There are numerous industries and companies in the states, and because of this, many laborers are needed.

3. Favorable climate. Idaho experiences all four seasons (winter, spring, autumn, and summer). Thus, the city has a mild type of weather. The sunshine days outnumber the days of snow, and therefore the climate conditions are excellent.

4. Improved means of transport. The states have quality roads and other means of commuting. Thus, people living in this State enjoy short commuting time benefits. Secondly, most of the streets in the states are all-weather roads, and because of this, transport is not affected during rainy seasons.

5. Idaho State is clean. Idaho State is known for its cleanliness. People of this State have adopted the culture of not leaving litter anywhere. Because of this, the State can maintain its cleanliness standards. Secondly, the governorship of the State has put in place measures geared toward ensuring the State is clean. Therefore, if you are looking for a clean and conducive State, Idaho is an ideal option.

6. Ready market. Like the other US states the US, there is a high number of consumers in Idaho. The State’s economy is thriving faster, thus benefiting the entrepreneurs and other investors. As the economy succeeds, job opportunities are rapidly increasing, hence solving the unemployment issue.

7. Quality education. In Idaho, there are several universities and colleges. Thus, it is excellently significant to live in this State. After your studies, you can quickly get a job in the State, as it is a pool of job opportunities.

8. Low cost of living. The people living in Idaho can enjoy the benefits of the low cost of living than those living in other states. By having rich farmlands, the State can provide plenty and fresh foods to its citizens. The climate of Idaho promotes the growth of various crops, and thus there’s a nearby food source.

9. Cheap and quality housing. The house and rental rooms cost less than in other states. There is competition in house prices; hence, house price is likely to go down. Due to the high competition in house prices, the house quality is also improved. Therefore, tenants enjoy the benefits of living in cheap, high-quality rooms.

10. Friendly citizens. The people of Idaho are friendly and upbeat. The spirit of isolationism is not present in Idaho, and thus there is a conducive environment for working.

Cons of Living in Idaho

Below are some of the downsides that you may encounter if you live in Idaho:

1. Pollution. Idaho is the home of many people due to the availability of job opportunities in the State. Thus, the State is overpopulated. Just like in other overpopulated areas, it is impossible to control waste dumping. This has led to the pollution of air and soil in the State.

2. High growing rate. Idaho State is growing too fast and exponentially. The high growth rate may be advantageous and disadvantageous as well. In our context, the high growth rate has reduced the State and infrastructure planning time. This gives birth to problems such as traffic jams and congestion in the State.

3. Use of guns. If you are not a fan of guns, then Idaho State is not the right place to stay. One of the common economic activities in the State is hunting, and therefore gun is seen as a hunting tool. Secondly, there is a need to protect one’s family and property. Anyone in the State can use a gun, and this has increased the crime rate in the State.

4. Limited Public transport. Idaho is the home for rich fellows. Thus, if you do not own a car and plan to migrate to Idaho, you will be disadvantaged. Public vehicles and Ubers are rarely found in Idaho. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Idaho, make sure you own a car or reside close to the train station.

5. Cultural concentration. Lack of diversity is a common problem in Idaho. The common culture in Idaho tends to be European, and most restaurants are of Mexican descent.

6. Low wages. Idaho has a large pool of workers. Thus, the number of workers outnumbers the available opportunities. Due to a large number of workers, employers exploit workers. The workers cannot access fair wages and favorable working conditions.

7. Limited shopping opportunities. Idaho has limited shopping opportunities for people who like shopping for high-quality brands. Most of the items found in this State are produced locally, thus minimal imported goods. Therefore, if you are a high-class person who likes shopping luxury goods, then Idaho is not an ideal option.

8. Changes in Housing marketing. There is a high number of people moving to the Idaho States. Because of this, the house and rental owners are exploiting their tenants. Therefore, if you need to travel and live in one of the cities in Idaho, be ready to experience high housing prices.

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