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Pros and cons of living in Olympia WA

Olympia is the capital of Washington State in the United States. It is the county seat as well as the largest of Thurston County. The city was claimed in 1846 by European settlers through the Medicine Creek treaty. Here are the pros and cons of living in Olympia.



1. Outdoor attractions: There are several interesting things about rivers and forests in Olympia. They can only be limited by your available equipment. The city is full of beautiful forest trails and waterfront parks. Also, there is a Japanese garden to visit during summer or spring. You are always two hours away from the mountains, beaches, and coast. Best place for hiking, kayaking, climbing, skiing, and camping.

2. Entertainment: There are many museums including State History and Hands-on Children museum. This museum has 10 exhibits that will be fun for your children. Other museums near Seattle are Boeing Museum, Seattle art museum, sci-fi, and EMP. Moreover, the state capitol has monuments and landmarks such as the old capitol buildings and Vietnam Veterans memorial.

3. near Seattle: You will take one hour and thirteen minutes from Seattle. Henceforth, it is an amazing city for people who want to reside near Seattle. Most importantly, the cost of living is lower than in other popular cities in the states.

4. Low living costs: The living costs in an area depend on several factors including the career and real estate market of a place. Olympia has an average cost of living compared to major cities like New York, Denver, and San Francisco. The housing expense is 1% lower, unlike the national average. You will live comfortably with an average income.

5. Job market: Job opportunities in the last 10 years require specialized training hence the economy has reduced in terms of local and small businesses. However, there are many restaurants and bars in Olympia. You will get a decent job if you have professional documents and work great as a food service person.

6. Great public transportation: Olympia has excellent public transportation. There are many bus stops and waits are minimal. Also, people who live in the city bike to jobs. Moreover, traffic is low compared to Seattle.



1. Government jobs: The major problem of residing in Olympia is that most jobs are for the government. The work plays an average amount and it is 80% that of private jobs.     

2. Crime rates: It is a small town with dark sides. The people around are both friendly and dangerous. The economy has resulted in the growth of homeless and judgmental people who act as homeless. According to data, the crime rates are 10 points more compared to the national average. Panhandlers and drunken folks are worst during weekends.

3. Rainfall: If you do not love rain, then Olympia is not a good place for you. The place is cold and swampy because of too much rain.

4. Inflation in education: Washington has excellent education networks. Nonetheless, there is inflation in education. The prices have gone up.

5. Difficult job market: Just like any city in the world, the job market in Olympia is quite difficult. Huge population work in state government hence workers commute in and out.

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