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Pros and Cons of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, also known as “Philly,” is one largest cities in the U.S. State of Pennsylvania. It is the economic center of Delaware Valley and ranked as the 5th most populated city in the United States.

The city has a great geographical advantage when you choose to live or visit it. The food and social culture is admirable and attracts a lot of visitors. There is a never-ending assortment of affordable tasks to get lost in when you visit the city. The museums, sports activities, and restaurants will make your experience memorable. However, just like any other city worldwide, Philadelphia is not untainted as it also has its limitations that you would need to consider before visiting or moving to the city. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of living, moving to, or visiting Philadelphia.

Pros of Philadelphia

1. Cheaper Cost of Living: The cost of living in Philly is considerably lower than in other East Coast cities. An approximation is made by comparing the cost of owning a house or apartment and expenses spent on other cities’ services.

2. Amazing location: It is relaxed living close to two large cities. Philadelphia is only a few hours’ drive from New York City (a 2-hour drive) and Washington DC (a 3-hour drive) by car. This proximity makes it easier to have different weekend trips and gate away plans such that there is a never dull moment when you are free.

3. Great Public Transportation System: It is easier to get to Philadelphia by plane, train, or automobile. For conventional public transport, there is a subway system and more than 50 different bus routes. The city’s connection to the railway service that spans the Northeast makes it easier to move to other cities. The 30th street station rates as the third busiest Amtrak rail station. Apart from the rail station, the airport service includes over 20 airlines and operates domestic and international flights.

4. Large Number of Schools to choose: In Philadelphia, investment in the education system is high in public and private institutions. It not only focuses on law but also many other disciplines like art, journalism, and medicine. With over 80 high education institutions, you have a choice of your ideal university.

5. Vibrant Art Community: The city is a world-renowned destination for art lovers. The great museums hold renowned artists’ art pieces. For example, the Banes Foundation displays the works of Modigliani, Matisse, Picasso, and Monet. Other must-visit great museums include the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Rodin Museum, and Philadelphia Museum of Arts.

Apart from museums, it has more public art than any other city in the States. The Murals Art Program provides an outlet for graffiti artists and has made the city have many beautiful decorative murals in the streets.

Lastly, the Avenue of Art in Centre City is also a must-visit place as it contains the most vibrant nightlife scene, good restaurants, and theaters. You get to visit the Kimmel Center, the Academy of Music, Wilma Theater, and the Philadelphia Theater Company.

6. Cultural Diversity: The best way to explore the city’s cultural diversity is through the food scene. It has exciting bistros and steakhouses and covers people of all diets. For example, restaurants like HipCity Veg offer some of the best options for a vegan diet.

7. Good historical landmarks, nature attractions, parks, and greenery: You won’t be disappointed when you visit Philadelphia as every corner and nook had great discoveries. The city has many ties to America’s inception and history, that is, the Independence National Historical Park, the first and second Banks of the United States, and the America Revolution Museum.

Lastly, other stunning destinations to visit are the Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, Gettysburg National Military Park, Adventure Aquarium, and the forests.

8. Economy: Philadelphia has a booming economy and is considered developed not only in the U.S but all over the world. Due to the diverse community, it is easier to make money and get employed than in other cities. The city also dominates in its health and research education system globally. It houses large companies and law firms. For example, Crown Holdings have their headquarters in the city as the Federal Reserve Bank location is there.

Cons of Philadelphia

1. Traffic: According to a recent study, Philadelphia is ranked 18th as one of the worst cities to drive in as most residents own cars. Because of booming business sectors, it is easier to spend many hours stuck in traffic jams.

2. Overpopulation: As of 2019, Philadelphia’s population estimation was at 1.60 million people. It means that there are a high number of people living together per square mile. The city continues to be over-flooded as more people and students move into it hence worsening the problem.

3. Increase in Crime: Philadelphia ranked among the top 25 most dangerous cities in the United States. The crime and homicidal rates are always at an all-time high year-round. The property and violent crime rates are also high as compared to other cities.

4. Pollution: Overpopulation in the city has led to an increase in air pollution. Smog continues to be a huge problem. An increase in the number of residents who own cars has led to increased toxic fumes released into the atmosphere. The city’s rank as number 10 on the top Worst regions with air pollution has seen most people develop respiratory problems and those with it having breathing problems.

The pollution has also affected water conditions as the water has higher impurities (iodine) concentration.

5. High Taxes: Admittedly, the income taxes in Philadelphia are pretty high. Living in Philly, all non-residents and residents must pay taxes on wages, salaries, and commissions to the city as part of their income profile. This amount is in addition to the federal and state taxes. Different municipalities have different rates that determine how much you need to pay. It is advisable to do your research on the rates to be able to make a budget.

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