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Pros and Cons of Democratic Frontrunner

A frontrunner is a person leading in an election. He is the one who is likely to be selected or voted for office in a given election or post. Being a democratic frontrunner entails that one is most likely to be the preferred nominated candidate.

The candidate should run for an election in the Democratic Party. A front runner boasts of the large following from the citizens. There are various merits associated with being a democratic front runner such as:


Pros ;

1. You will be the eye of the media: The media will always invite you to be interviewed. They will ask you what you will do if you are nominated to vie for elections under Democratic Party. This will be like advertising your name to the public and people will tend to know you more. It also gives a chance to sell your agenda to the public.

2. You will get large support from the party: You will be able to get all the support you will need from the Democratic Party. This is because they know you are the one who has the possible ability to raise the flag of the party high. This can be very encouraging when you know very well someone is supporting you.

3. Leads to popularity: Democratic Party is well known in the USA. Being the parties preferred candidate assures you that every citizen will want to know about you. This will make you very famous and become very competitive with your opponents.

4.Financial support: Being a Democratic frontrunner, the party might decide to give you the financial support that you will need for your campaign. The party is assured that you are very popular and the chances of you winning the election is very high.

5. You are the light for the party: Being a democratic frontrunner means that the party depends on you to lift their flag high as you are the most preferred candidate. Your win is like the win for the party and therefore will always look upon you.

6. The party can take advises from you: Being the democratic frontrunner means all eyes are on you regarding the party. The party can take you advises about elections as the view you as a person with brilliant ideas as you are the frontrunner.

7. You will have a large number of supporters: Being a democratic frontrunner means many people know you and your name will go viral. This will make you gain even more supporters who can assure you of your win.

8. You are assured of security: One you are a democratic frontrunner the party will give you enough security to enhance your safety. You will be given adequate security personnel to safeguard even your home residence.

9. Your opinion is taken into consideration: Any opinion you give as a democratic frontrunner will always be taken into consideration. You will come to find out the views will go viral to all citizens in the state and this also enhances your campaign.

10. You may get political advisors: Once you are the democratic frontrunner, the party may look for great advisors to advise you on how to carry out your campaign. It ensures you get more support from many states which will assure you of win.


Cons ;

1. You are people’s enemy: When other competitors see you are the frontrunner, they will always try to find a way to bring you down. They will always be looking at the mistakes you make so that they can use it against you and as well as pull you down.

2. Media can be disadvantageous: Some media houses may ask you questions that make you say some things your not supposed to during interviews.It will make it easier for people interviewing you during debates as they will use your own words to ask you questions. You may find yourself contradicting yourself which may lead to your failure.

3. Makes your competitors prepare a lot: When you are democratic frontrunner means you are people’s choice. Therefore, your competitors will prepare much so that they can surpass you and become people’s choice.

4. It may lead to relaxation: A democratic understands that he or she is the most preferred candidate. He or she may imagine that they will win without a lot of effort. In response, his or her competitor fight so hard to convince people to elect him or her. Therefore, if you relax you loose up at the end.

5. Your life can be of threat: Once you are the democratic frontrunner your opponents will know well you have the chances of winning the seat you will be vying for. Some can have demonic intention like killing you or even kidnapping your family so that you don’t take part in elections.

6. Tiresome: Being a democratic frontrunner means you will have to move from place to place in order to associate with your supporters. You will lack time to relax and even lack time to be with your family as you are always on the run.

7. Very challenging: being a democratic frontrunner you will have to face a lot of challenges. You will pass through hostile places and some people may not be supporting you. Some people may alter harsh words which can be heartbreaking.

8. May lead you to succumb of diseases: Once you are a democratic frontrunner you will be given a lot of pressure by the party. You need to gain more supporters and this may lead to diseases such as heart attack or blood pressure.

9. Personal life might have interfered: Due to the fact that you are always busy, as a democratic frontrunner, you may miss time to be with your family. This may, in turn, lead to divorce or even being denied by your family.

10. May lead to stress: One you are a frontrunner you always expect nothing but a win. But when the elections come and you find out that you are defeated with your opponents, you will be very stressed. You can even become mentally ill.

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