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Pros and cons of Protesting

Protesting has often been used as a way of advancing specific agendas and achieving certain outcomes in several societies. In some cases, protests have always resulted in the desired outcomes. However, in some, protests have not been able to achieve their goals.



1. It creates awareness: Protesting has a way of creating awareness regarding the challenges that are being faced by a group of people at a particular time. This also helps in shading light in the happenings in the surrounding.

2. It brings attention to an issue: Protesting brings attention towards a given issue and helps in the resolution of the issues at an opportune time.

3. It is a way of being heard: Sometimes protests are used as a means of being heard by the people in power. In circumstances where the government does not respond to the needs of the people, protests can be used to get the government’s attention.

4. It brings about changes: Protests create an important avenue to bring about the much-desired change in society. This also helps in improving the status of affairs in the country.

5. It pushes for a reform agenda: Protests are an ideal way of pushing for reforms in a society where systems are deemed to be broken. Through protests, the powers that be will ensure that reforms are implemented.

6. It is usually geared towards a specific issue: Protests are usually geared towards a specific issue in society. For instance, people would be protesting because of poor roads and infrastructure.

7. It ensures accountability: Protests help in creating accountability on the part of the people who are in power. It helps create a sense of accountability on the part of those in power.

8. It is a way of expression: Protests are another way of expressing one’s views in an environment where the systems have refused to work properly.

9. It is a way of changing policy: If people want a change in policy by the government, they can push for that change through a protest.

10. It promotes democracy: Protests are a means of ensuring that democracy thrives. It helps people express their views without the interference of others who have a contrary opinion.



1. It is a violent affair: Protests are usually violent affairs and may end up in a lot of violent confrontations that may sometimes result in fundamental losses.

2. It may sometimes lead to injury: Protest usually involve a lot of people gathering and raising their voices and this may sometimes lead to violence that may result in injury in the long run.

3. It may lead to damage to property: Protests may sometimes lead to violence that may result in damages to property. This may also lead to the loss of expensive property that may negate the value of the protest itself.

4. It is not always an efficient way of expressing oneself: Protests are not always an efficient way of expressing an idea because in most cases the problem may not be solved in the long run.

5. Some people usually take advantage: There are people who take advantage of protests to ensure they advance their own agendas and these may ruin the whole point of the protests. These people may end up stealing from others.

6. Protests lead to a decline in the economy: Protests may lead to a decline in the economic prospects of the country because they tend to destroy rather than build.

7. It may sometimes create unemployment: Protests may also lead to unemployment. This is because a country cannot thrive in protests as protests tend to destroy the economy rather than build the economy.

8. Protests don’t always lead to change: It is not always a guarantee that protests will lead to the desired change. Sometimes protests lead to destruction more than to the change it was intended to bring.

9. They create disorder: Protests are violent and they always create disorder in society. This breaks the routine and the order in which things are supposed to be. They may lead to death: In extreme circumstances, protests may sometimes lead to the death of so many people especially where the protests end up turning violent.

10. People end up losing: It is the people who are the most losers.

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