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Pros and cons of a truck driver

Transportation is part of our daily lives almost everyone depends on transport. The economy greatly depends on truck drivers. For instance, industries rely on truck drivers to deliver raw materials into those industries and finished goods to distributors. Therefore, many companies, customers, and retailers depend on truck drivers. Truck drivers being part of our economic growth, many individuals look forward to pursuing this career. Before deciding on that career, you should consider if you will enjoy the outdoors and know its pros and cons. Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of being a truck driver.


Pros of a Truck driver

1. Easy to qualify: Many individuals don’t have the finance and desire to learn in a college. Luckily, this industry doesn’t require prior experience or college education. With a CDL license, you can secure a place. A CDL license will take approximately three months to acquire. Though, experts will give out that license once proven that you are lawfully a permanent resident or citizen. If you are successfully trained and licensed, then you are on your way to earn big with your CDL.

2. An opportunity to travel: A truck driver has an opportunity to explore new places. You will be able to see mountain ranges, attractions, landscapes, skylines, and huge forests; those are but a few. Moreover, long-distance truckers will explore new cities and beautiful towns and experience different people’s lifestyles.

3. Great pay: The truck driver’s salary is encouraging since it’s a blue-collar job. Your salary will increase with the level of experience. Moreover, the route you’ll use, the length of travel, and the load hauled will also affect your salary. Companies pay long-haul drivers more salaries. You will also receive sign-up bonuses, safety record bonuses, distance bonuses, and load bonuses from other companies.

4. Freedom: In this career, no boss or authority supervises every move you make, given that you deliver goods as per the company’s legal requirements. You will decide for yourself when to take breaks and hours of service. You are the one to plan and decide your timing.

5. Job security: Many employees fear losing their jobs due to the fluctuating economy. As a truck driver, you are lucky due to the less workforce in that industry. You will enjoy job security since many companies rely on truckers to maintain a good economy.

6. Opportunity to grow: When you’ve gained enough skills in the industry. Then you may end up being promoted to a higher level or get a chance to grow. With your experience, you will end up earning more money or upgraded to an instructor. Alternatively, you can decide to start your own trucking company in case you are knowledgeable in entrepreneurship.

7. Benefits and perk: Truck drivers being on-demand, companies offer various benefits to their employees. The benefits offered are life insurance, paid time, dental insurance, medical cover, high-speed wireless network, and more. You will gain extra benefits depending on your employer, and some will also offer free training, paid holidays, and vacations.

8. Driving trucks is easy for your body: Unlike some blue-collar Job’s, truck driving is not that rough. If you are tired or afraid of pain and aches from other blue-collar jobs like construction, you can try this industry. As a trucker, you will earn well and manage chronic conditions given that you’ll maintain safety while on the roads.

9. High demand for truckers: Professionals in this industry are highly demanded. This is due to the aging driver population and increase in the volume of goods and companies. Companies like Walmart and amazon ship lots of goods outside the country.

10. You can embrace your love of driving: When you find driving enjoyable, this career will best fit your needs. Some people will also love spending time inroads, despite all the challenges from that position.


Cons of a truck driver

1. Loneliness: A truck driver may become lonely in this career by spending a long period on the road. Some truckers may spend up to 20 days on the vehicle. Long time away from their loved ones will reduce communication to calls. Therefore, being lonely is of a great disadvantage to the truck drivers. Loneliness may increase the risk of being depressed.

2. Irregular sleep: Irregular sleep is common in this industry. Hopefully, you know the importance of quality sleep. Unfortunately, some companies don’t follow the laws and regulations of the state on when, where, and how you should sleep during your 24 hours of driving. For instance, you may find guaranteed days for rest when you aren’t tired. You might also be required to drive when you are very tired.

3. Change of climate: As a trucker, you will be moving across different areas. At some places, you will experience a warm climate followed by freezing. Climate change will affect some individuals.

4. Physically demanding: When the truckers remain seated for a very long time, they may be greatly affected. Driving while remaining seated for very hours can expose the driver to developing shoulder pain, back pain, and knee pain. Such a physically demanding job may lead to serious injuries hence ending your career.

5. Fatigue: Truck drivers can get tired though they are required to drive. A truck driver may also be exposed to an unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sleep, uncomfortable mattress, sleeping in dangerous places. The mentioned will affect the quality of sleep, leaving the driver worn out.

6. Accidents on roads: Truckers are at risk of getting accidents while on the roads. Driving for a long time across poor roads, for example, ice roads may make the truck roll over. Some truckers may try alternative ways to beat the traffic for faster delivery of goods, leading to accidents. Therefore, truckers are at high risk of accidents if they are not careful.

7. Stressful: Being a truck driver is inevitably stressful. Irregular sleep, lack of social life, poor climate, city traffic, and lazy shippers are among the causes of stress.

8. It may be difficult to maintain your hygiene: Maintaining personal hygiene can be hard to truck drivers. Some may find it difficult to take a shower due to the long hours. Some truckers can even walk with bottles to urinate, then throw them outside rather than interrupt their journey to urinate.

9. Straining on relationships: Being a truck driver will limit you from going home regularly. Therefore, it might be hard to see your partner, spouse, or important people in your life. Several companies will allow you to go home for about 24 hours during the weekend. This industry has the most divorce rate compared to many other careers.

10. Repetitive work: As a trucker, you will find yourself driving on the same routes, meeting the same individuals, and going through the same events daily may be boring to some drivers.

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