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Pros and Cons of Jet Boats

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If you love boating or fishing, jet boats are the best you can ever have. Jet boats are not problematic to run compared to prop and you can decide to buy an inboard jet or outboard jet. Let’s look at the pros and cons of jet boats.



1. Large interior space: It has a large amount of space in the cockpit. The modern jet designs have the motors sit in the lower and further back creating more room in the boat.

2. Safe: Jet boats do not have exterior propellers which can expose you to accidents caused by the spinning prop. You don’t have to worry since nothing is exposed behind the boat.

3. Shallow draft: A jet boat can operate in shallow waters or in lakes with stumps since the boat doesn’t have to outdrive or prop driveshaft.

4. Easy to maintain: Jet boats are easy to maintain, there are no water pumps, fluid in the outdrive or in the lower unit and you can easily clean them by tilting them up to disassemble.

5. Performance: Jet boats have quick acceleration and unmatched turning ability. The boat can perform at top speeds based on engine setup and horsepower ratings. The inboard jets can generate more power compared to outboard jets.

6. Swim platform: Jet boats have low profile engine which occupies less space in the boat. This leaves with enough room for swimming.

7. Watersports activities: Since there is no prop sticking behind the boat, you can do watersport activities like Wakesurfing, skiing, and waterboarding. Wakesurfing involves using an awake that can push a small surfboard behind the boat without any need for ropes.

8. Lightweight: Compared to other types, jet boats are lightweight and can easily maneuver or pull in shallow lakes.

9. Reliable: Jet boats like Yamaha have a reliable engine and a direct drive pump. You can easily cruise for hours without any issues.

10. Smooth ride: With an air-cooled radial engine, you can enjoy smooth running.


1. Noise: Motors used in jet boats produce pitched noise and some jet boats like Chaparral have put some mechanisms to stop the noise before it escapes the engine compartments.
2. Trimming issues: In most cases, trimming a jet drive is ineffective and in case you need trimming ability, you have to get trim tabs.

3. Fuel consumption: Jet boats are not fuel economical. The boat motors run higher RPMs compared to stern drive boats.

4. Takes time to get used to different speeds: Jet boats run at both high speeds and at low speeds and it may take some time for experienced boaters to get used to the feel of different speeds.

5. Debris stuck: It’s not easy to maneuver in lakes with thick weeds beds. You will likely get stuck while moving around or fishing. If some debris is sucked up in the pump, you’re done unless you remove it

6. Less torque: Some jet boats have less torque and are really bad at turning although this only applies to some jet boats. This makes it difficult to accelerate the boat at high RPM levels.

7. Cost of maintenance: The jet boat is very expensive to buy also has a high cost of maintenance compared to other types of boats.

8. Difficult to reverse: It is very difficult to reverse a jet boat. This makes it have a low-speed maneuvering ability whenever turning.

9. Suck sand to engine cooling system: The jet can suck sand or mad into the engine cooling system affecting its operation.

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