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Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

Space exploration allows us to see what the universe has to offer beyond our planet. Space exploration is life-altering and makes people have a different view of life and cosmos; you never know what to expect there.

Exploring the space comes with a lot of health risk due to high radiation exposure. The longer you stay there, the higher the risk. The article highlights the pros and cons of space exploration.



1. Increase our knowledge: Exploring the space enable us to understand more about the universe, how it was created, and the reasons why it exists. It gives more insights about the world we live in.

2. Provides hope for future: We humans have been confined to what happens within our planet and if something happens that changes the environment of our plat it will wipe out all human species. Space exploration can give us hope that human species can survive.

3. Offer a solution to problems: The programs designed to collect space information can be used in solving modern problems like programs to learn more about the earth’s atmosphere can predict weather patterns.

4. Learn how long the planet will sustain life: Satellites enable scientists to know how long the earth can sustain life, learn where about where organic materials come from and others.

5. Pave the way to advanced technology: New technologies are being developed for space programs. They will not only be used in space programs but also in other industries.

6. Look for alternative energy resources: Exploring space can help scientist learn about other energy sources for producing electricity. They also learn more about the sun and the earth.

7. Job creation: Space exploration programs lead to the creation of jobs for skilled professionals, technicians, research assistants, and engineers among others.

8. Monitor asteroids and meteors movement: Collecting information about asteroids entering the earth surface, scientists can find ways to divert them before they cause imminent danger.

9. Inspire mankind to take care of mother earth: Knowing what’s happening in the universe and the earth’s surface gives us a clear picture of how to take care of the mother earth and be sustainable.

10. Improves lives on earth: Meteorologists can suspend satellites in the universe and record the atmosphere as well as weather patterns: This information is essential to warn people about any possible disasters.



1. Put astronauts life in danger: Astronauts missions can lead to numerous injuries and to some extent cause death.

2. Pollution in space: There is always some “leave behinds” after any space mission. Debris like rocket launch boosters, satellites and other equipment left behind can pollute the space environment.

3. Space motion sickness: Trips to outer space even for a few minutes causes some space motion sickness like nonstop vomiting or queasiness.

4. Risks of cardiovascular disease: Astronauts exposed to space radiation and other solar particles are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and acute radiation syndrome.

5. Damage genes: Exposure to those high radiations can damage individual genetics exposing him to cancer risks and other health risks.

6. Expensive: It is very expensive to explore the space. You need to build space shuttles and rockets, train, build new technology for space missions, and all these are very costly.

7. Conflicts between nations: The satellites used to monitor space activities or outer space exploration can bring conflicts between two nations instead of building a friendship.

8. Bring harmful elements to earth surface: After exploring space, harmful elements and organisms can be brought back to earth and they may be hazardous to people and the environment.

9. Nations rely on space exploration to exploit other nations: Satellites used for space communication can be used by a nation to spy on another nation by monitoring their communication.

10. Not like what you find there: Not everything found in space will be beneficial to our planet, some microorganisms can bring serious health risk to our planet.

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