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Pros and Cons of a septic tank

A septic tank is underground where all the household sewage is collected instead of the municipal sewer system and it is allowed to decompose through bacterial activity and then it is drained by means of the soakaway. Several people have hipped a lot of praise on the septic tanks and this forms the pros, there is also equal criticism of the septic tanks too and these are the cons. Listed below are the pros and cons of the septic tanks.



1. It is more cost efficient-It is very cheap to install a septic tank and you don’t have to pay for the monthly maintenance costs to the municipal council.

2. It lasts longer-If a septic tank is well installed by qualified personnel and receives frequent maintenance then it is likely to last longer and serve you for the longest time possible.

3. Septic tanks are environmentally-friendly-Water supply is not contaminated by septic tanks and the bacteria are removed before the water is released into the soil and the plants nearby absorb the water.

4. Septic tanks are of various types-Septic tanks come in various types and designs and you just have to choose the type that you want installing at your place. They are not fixed.

5. You can manage your septic tank independently-What is the most important is the functionality of the septic tank. In case of clogging you do not wait for the government or the municipal council to do it. You do it independently.

6. The wastewater can be used in the lawns-The The treated wastewater from the septic tank can be used to water the lawns and the garden. You can re-use the water in garden watering.

7. You can use indoors toilets and dishwashers-Using indoor toilets and dishwashers can reduce the chances of contracting diseases because there are no flies and other pests that pose the threat of spreading diseases.

8. You take care of your bath and shower drains-When the thought of the septic tank is independently yours and it is all upon you when it is clogged, you will not send down hair strands, whiskers and remnants of leftover soap.

9. The sinks will be used responsibly-Your septic tank will still continue functioning well if you do not wash down cooking grease, coffee grounds, bones and hard vegetables down the drain.

10. You will take good care of your toilets-A septic tank will prompt you not to flash down paint or paint thinner, used condoms, paper towel and gasoline. These are likely to clog the system.



1. Poorly managed drain fields-If you don’t know where your drain pipes are located you can easily destroy them while doing other things.

2. Minimize water usage to save water-If you are coming from a municipal sewer system to a septic tank you need to minimize water usage in your house in order to save water.

3. You have to be aware of what you flush down-Watching what you flush down your toilets and the sinks are up to you because in case there is clogging it is up to you to unclog your system.

4. Backed up the sewage- The greatest disadvantage of a septic tank is backup sewage which could be a result of clogging in the tank or drain field pipes.

5. Drain field overflow-The The cost of rectifying the drain field overflow is very huge. The drain field overflow is caused by the cracks in the pipes that carry water out from the septic tank.

6. Sometimes the septic system corrodes-If you choose the steel septic system. It is at the risk of being corroded by rust and you will have to incur the cost of replacing parts or the whole of it.

7. It requires regular maintenance-The septic tank needs to be pumped regularly and the owner is the one that is supposed to forgo the cost of pumping however how huge it might be.

8. They may fail when there is flooding-If there is heavy outdoor flooding, there is a likelihood of the drain pipes getting flooded which will then flood the septic tank and might even push sewage to your house.

9. Additional property responsibilities-Installation of a septic tank comes with the demand of other properties unlike when you are connected to a municipal sewer system all you are to take care of are the pipes.

10. Requires space in your homestead-If you want to set up a septic tank then you must have a location that is designated for it and should not interfere with other amenities.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    It’s great that you elaborated on the pros and cons of a septic system installation. My mom wants to consider this since the property we recently bought has no septic tank included. I like what you said that this is cost-effective since we no longer have to pay the municipal council for the monthly maintenance expenses. Besides, it is environmentally friendly since we can use it the wastewater for the lawn.

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