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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

When building a new home, many homeowners face a challenge on the type of roofing to install in their new homes. Many homeowners go for metal roofs due to its longevity, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

The metal roof can be made of copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, or galvanized steel. This article gives you pros and cons of metal roofs to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to choose metal roofing for your home.



1. Maximum shedding of rain and snow: The hard and slippery metal rooftop with interlocking panels offer maximum protection from rain and snow. The dark tones in the metal lead to melting of the snow keeping your home warm.

2. Speed and ease of roofing: Metal roofs are easy to install and an experienced contractor can quickly install the roof. Shortening the duration of roof installation can lead to considerable saving.

3. Longevity: If properly installed, metal roof lasts long as the house. The metal material has a life expectancy of about 40 to 70 years.

4. Heat conduction: Metal material reflects away heat from the sun keeping the house significantly cooler. A dead-air space is utilized between the metal and roof deck to increase energy efficiency.

5. Lightweight: Metal roofing material is lightweight thus helping you to save on building the support structure.

6. Fire resistance: The metal material is non-combustible with class A fire ratings. His makes them a fire resistant metal although the resistant depends on the material beneath. If the material beneath the metal is wood, then it will ignite intense heat.

7. Good for all seasons and climate: It helps keep your home cool during hot weather and also help in melting of the snow during cold weather. This prevents roof damage from ice dams.

8. Durability: Depending on which metal material you choose, most metal roofs do not crack or corrode,
can survive high winds and impact resistance. They also do not need frequent maintenance.

9. Safety: A metal rooftop cannot ignite a fire or spark into flames in the event of lightning or wildfire.

10. Environmentally friendly: The metal material can be recycled at the end of their roof life making them more environmentally friendly.



1. Cost: Due to the durable nature of the metal material, it is very costly. The cost of the material is equivalent to the premium cost of other materials. It may cost $150 to $600 per square feet.

2. Leaking: If the metal roof is not properly installed or fastened well, the rain water can leak through the screw holes. Therefore the screws should be well fastened on the flat surface and seal the screw heads to avoid any leaks.

3. Noise: They may be noisier especially when it is raining or when there is hailstorm. The noise can be controlled by using materials with a structural barrier to prevent any drumming effects.

4. Denting: If large hailstones fall on the roof, it can cause some dents to the metal. Metal roofs made of aluminum and copper are more prone to dents than other types of materials.

5. Expansion and contraction: The warm and cool climate may lead to contraction and expansion of the metal material loosening the fasteners. Expansions and contractions during hot weather may result in wavy effect.

6. Difficult to modify: It is difficult to modify or replace damaged roofing material especially if installed on large panels. If you remodel the home, it is difficult to match the material.

7. Slippery: Metal roofs are slippery especially when wet or during snow period, therefore, be careful when walking on a metal roof.

8. Fade: With time, the metal roofs can fade and susceptible to staining.

9. Fail at the seams: If not properly installed, it can fail at the seams, therefore, it is good to look for an experienced contractor.

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  1. Afton Jackson

    My attention was immediately drawn to the points you made about how metal roofing can reflect heat and resist fire very well. The area I built my house in has some extremely high heat indexes, and this has me concerned that one day if I am not careful, my house will be at risk of being set on fire. To help combat this fear, I’ll look around for any roofing services that can set me up with a metal roof.

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