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Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

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When remodeling the kitchen, choosing the right decoration material depends on your lifestyle. Quartz material is one of the most commonly used countertops for kitchen decoration and bar tops in the market. Quartz countertop is a relatively new decoration material which has both ups and downs. Here is a look at their pros and cons.



1. Attractive appearance: Quartz countertops are very attractive, they come in different colors and patterns that you can choose from. This gives your kitchen a rich and luxurious look.

2. Durable: Quartz will not crack easily and has the same durability as granite and concrete. The quartz countertop is able to naturally resist oils, liquids, and corrosion making them long-lasting.

3. Non-porous: It resists staining much better than granite and concrete. Non-porous ensures no bacteria or viruses are trapped on the surface of the countertop.

4. Proven countertop option: It offers a versatile option to laminate your kitchen into an affordable countertop. Quartz is one of the popular options for decorating your kitchen and combines the qualities of stone.

5. Low maintenance: It has a contemporary look and almost indestructible. Due to its long-lasting nature, you will have fewer maintenance issues. The countertops come with a warranty.

6. Multicolor options: Quartz is made from an engineered solution or from a quarried slab and any color can be used to make the quartz stone. This makes it a great option for those upgrading their kitchen or for new construction.

7. Represent nature: If you love nature, you can go for crushed quartz which is customarily blended with resin to resemble Mother Nature.

8. Flexible: Quartz countertops are heftier than granite and more flexible. It is made of stainless material and doesn’t need to be sealed.

9. Scratch resistant: The resin used in the re-engineering process is unlikely to be scratched unless in worst cases. The countertop can resist scratches from any blunt objects.

10. Impact resistant: Quartz countertop has a flexible and elastic resin that absorb any substantial impacts thanks to the polymer resin granting compression between the crushed quartz. The resin acts as shock absorber and reduces the impact before it reaches the brittle stone.



1. Expensive: Quartz is manmade and its
cost is quite high and estimated to be $115-$200 per square foot. When installing quartz countertops, you should budget to pay more compared to using granite.

2. Heat damage: Excessive heat can easily damage the quartz countertop. Placing a hot pan on top of the countertop will damage it. Always ensure heating pads or trivets are installed to avoid damage.

3. Limited sink options: It is not easy to install integrated sinks into the quartz countertop. You must install flush-mount, drop-in or under-mount sink, otherwise, if you install the wrong sink, it will make the countertop to crack.

4. Seams: If you choose quartz with many colors or patterns, it will difficult to hide the seams on the countertop surface. The more dark colors you choose, the more it will give you a clean look.

5. Limited options for a natural look: Most of the colors chosen don’t give you the natural look. Only Cambria can give you a great natural look of your countertop.

6. Not suitable for outdoor use: It is not suitable for outdoor use since the prolonged exposure to sunlight and other chemicals can make the countertop fade or discolor.

7. Prone to scratches: If the quartz countertops are used for outdoor activities, they are more open to scratches and sometimes people can roughly handle them because they are outside.

8. Value: Although they are very expensive due to the process used to mold the countertop, it doesn’t have the same equity as remodeling or upgrading with granite countertop. The color and patterns are also limited based on the manufacturing process.

9. Difficult to check quality: Due to the realistic design of the quartz countertops from different manufacturers, it is hard to choose the right quality of countertop.

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