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Pros and Cons of G-Pen

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G-Pen is a convenient, portable and economically wax vaporizer pen in the market. Although advanced vaping devices are already in the market, G Pen is one of the high-quality vaping device that gives value for the money spent.

There different types of G-Pens in the market and you should use them with caution when vaping. Consider the pros and cons of G-Pen before investing in one.



1. Economical: G-pens are pocket-friendly. The original G-Pen can go for $59 making it the most affordable wax pen in the market.

2. Portable: G-pen is smaller in size and you can compare it to an e-cigarette. This makes it compact and easy to carry around. The light included in the design doesn’t attract any attention.

3. Vapor quality: Grenco science industry makes the best vape pens in the market. They deliver above-average vape quality based on the flavor and smoothness. The ceramic heating chamber with a stainless steel touch and ceramic wick enable you to produce large clouds of vapor

4. Heating: The wax pen can only heat once thus the vape is set in a manner to produce sufficient temperature for heating the material without any combustion.

5. Easily upgrade: Due to its inexpensive nature, it is suitable for starters and can help them decide if they prefer vaping over smoking and easily upgrade to G-pen Snoop Dogg.

6. Ease of use: They are very easy to use and are designed specifically for beginners who can easily begin vaping through pressing a single button interface.

7. Compatibility: G-Pen is compatible with ZEUS Bolt Grinder and ZEUS Iceborn. This allows you to vaporize even the dust found at the lower chamber thus using every piece of your weed.

8. Power consumption: G-Pens have an average battery life which takes a short time to recharge. You can buy an adapter and a USB charger to charge the wax pen at any time.

9. Handy spatula: It has a handy spatula G-Tool which helps in the loading of the concentrated messy material.

10. Ergonomic design: It has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to grip.



1. Temperature options: There is no variable temperature setting option. This limits the control you will have in using the vape.

2. Temporary heating chamber: Unlike other models which have permanent heating chambers, G-Pen has a dual quartz coil which must be replaced after every 6-8 weeks.

3. Hard to load: The shape of the heating chamber makes it difficult to load wax pen thus making some of the wax pens hard to prepare them for use.

4. Unreliable: For the vapor enthusiasts, G-pen will not be suitable for their everyday use.

5. Cause Combustion: When you take back to back draws after a long session, the dry herb can cause combustion. You should always use G-pen for short sessions and ensure you take breaks between the pulls.

6Small heating oven: They have a small heating oven which cannot satisfy the experienced users. You can only get full draws from a full chamber.

7Maintenance: You have to spend at least $14.98 every 6-8 weeks to replace the heating chamber adding to the cost of the vape pen.

8. Ground-up flower: G-Pen cannot be loaded with your favorite ground-up flower although you can also do this with G-Pen dry herb.

9. Charging time: It takes a couple of hours to fully charge a dead battery and the battery can only last two hours.

10. Battery life: G pen has a short battery life and is small in capacity.

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